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What are the chances of the Undertaker winning the 2007 Royal Rumble and then beating Batista in Wrestlemania for the title?


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Well, didnt really think about it but, 90% look, i agree that the undertaker is a mixture of great size(6"10"), great strengh, and agility but this also does not mean that he cannot be thrown over the top rope. Yes, i do believe that he has great chances of winning the royal rumble. If he does win it he will surely go to wrestlemania. But remember the perfect record 14-0 at wrestlemania, so i think that this record will not break. Let us compare both of them. Batista's size: 6'5, taker's size 6'10'. Batista's weight: 315pounds, taker's weight: 305 pounds. Batista's age: very young, not even close to 40's. Taker's age: 41, Batista's experience: 5 years in wwe, Taker's experience: over 16 years. So, with all this information you could figure out the winner. But in case if anybody is concerned about my opinion, then here it goes.... i am an undertaker fan and i would like to see him whup batista's ass all over that ring, i would like to see batista losing the match but also at the same time retaining the title ( via disqualification) becuz i feel that batista should be and go on to be champion. The world heveiweight champoinship is a little too small compared to undertaker's perfect wrestlemania score. and this record will never be broken.