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Well, didnt really think about it but, 90% look, i agree that the undertaker is a mixture of great size(6"10"), great strengh, and agility but this also does not mean that he cannot be thrown over the top rope. Yes, i do believe that he has great chances of winning the royal rumble. If he does win it he will surely go to wrestlemania. But remember the perfect record 14-0 at wrestlemania, so i think that this record will not break. Let us compare both of them. Batista's size: 6'5, taker's size 6'10'. Batista's weight: 315pounds, taker's weight: 305 pounds. Batista's age: very young, not even close to 40's. Taker's age: 41, Batista's experience: 5 years in wwe, Taker's experience: over 16 years. So, with all this information you could figure out the winner. But in case if anybody is concerned about my opinion, then here it goes.... i am an undertaker fan and i would like to see him whup batista's ass all over that ring, i would like to see batista losing the match but also at the same time retaining the title ( via disqualification) becuz i feel that batista should be and go on to be champion. The world heveiweight champoinship is a little too small compared to undertaker's perfect wrestlemania score. and this record will never be broken.

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When will undertaker return 2011?

it will most likely be at wrestlemania if his shoulder recovery goes well it will be at wrestlemania if he does come back at royal rumble there are chances that he might injure the shoulder again

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Will HHH be at WrestleMania 26?

Yes Chances are is that he will be facing Sheamus in a singles match

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Can you download WrestleMania 22 from LimeWire?

The chances are Yes you can, although I wouldn't advise using such a program.

What would happen if the undertaker and john cena have an i quit match at wrestlemania?

That would be one match I would love to watch. John Cena has never lost an I Quit Match in his career. Undertaker has never lost a match in Wrestlemania. So, determining or predicting the winner of this match would be extremely difficult. Neither party would want to give up their winning streak. So, until such a match happens in reality, we cant predict. I would say the chances of Undertaker winning are higher because a 20-0 streak is much bigger than a "Never lost an I Quit" match streak.

Are John Cena and the Undertaker related?

There are very minimal chances of them being related, so probably no.

How does the bully Beterli try to ruin Keevan's chances on Hatching Day?

* by beating him up! ):

What are the chances of beating the elite four by mainly using Rayquaza at level 74?

It's quite likely.

Who will face jack swagger for the ecw title at WrestleMania 25?

Definately Evan Bourne! Chances are he will have no opponent due to the limited hype that ECW recieves.

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Will John Cena win the match at WrestleMania 26?

Chances are he will as WWE, being in the PG era, like to make the kiddies happy and let Cena win. Not to mention that Cena has only lost once (I think) in his Wrestlemania history. So there'is a good chance he will win... Hope I've helped!

What are the chances of beating cancer?

Depends on the type of cancer, how far it is advanced, general health of the patient, quality of available medical care (can you get there, can you afford it, etc.)

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Is it possible to beat Isaiah in footsies?

Given that Isaiah is a 28 year consecutive footsie world champion- your chances of beating Isaiah are greater than 0%, but not by much.

Who will win the world heavyweight belt from the Undertaker?

who knows? the deadman is a ledgend! only the best can beat him! but hey chances are in the new year there will be a triple threat match between undetaker, rey mysterio and batista. i think rey will win! but that match might not go ahead, why not start another feud between him and hbk for the run up to WM26 if the right, Shawn deserves another title shot *cough*world heavyweigh*cough* and we all know HBK is amazing at what he does

Will there be legends in Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

Yep, there will be. You have to unlock them in Road to Wrestlemania. There are chances that you can unlock: Stone Cold, The Rock, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Jimmy Snuka, Terry funk, and Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat.

When is Christian comin back to WWE?

Yes, Christian is coming back to the WWE. I have heard rumors that he is coming back at Wrestlemania 27 or Summerslam 2011. Also, if Christian does come back at wrestlemania, chances are he will attack Alberto Del Rio during his match versus the world heavyweight champion. This is because Del Rio did a cross arm breaker on Christian and broke his arm.

What are the chances of a level 75 combat with 60 attack 61 deffence and 58 strength have of beating king black dragon?

not very much of a chance at all. if u go, go with a clan.

Will the ministry of darkness return?

The answer is Mostly NO. The ministry of darkness was a very successful team of wrestlers under the leadership of the undertaker but currently the past members of the ministry like viscera are no longer with the WWE. Also, the undertaker has been a loner over the past few years and hence the chances of reuniting the team and forming the ministry of darkness seems pretty improbable

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How many fans do WWE have?

Thousands the chances are due to international levels of popularity the wwe universe (fans) will never be known as an exact number, a good reference to use as a good indicator as to fan qauntity is the attendance levels of wrestlemania, royal rumble and survivor series