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Q: What are the changes that infancys go through?
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Can all substances go through physical changes?

No because some go through chemical ones

What changes does your skeleton go through as it ages?

Your skeleton goes through changes such as growth development, and much more. It also really goes through miosis.

How does the composition of blood changes as it flows through the villi?

The blood flow in through the villi changes in an increase as the intestine near the villi is wide to go through.

What ages do girls go through social changes?

Usually through ages10 to 15.

What physical changes does the Nile River go through?


What changes a kangaroo go's through in its life span?


What state does water go through when it changes into gas?


Explain why a phase changes are a property of an atom?

Because atoms only go through phase changes

Food fuel and batteries go through storage tanks physical changes chemical changes inertia what is the right answer?

physical changes

Do bobcats go through metamorphosis?

No, bunnies do not go through metamorphosis.

What changes does go through the water cycle?

Water go through different states. It include solid , liquid and gaseous states.

Did Justin Bieber go through changes?

Justin Bieber is homosexual