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it has a chemical change and physical change

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What changes do matter undergo?

The most important are changes of phase: melting, boiling, freezing.

What is a chemical change in matter?

Chemical changes are changes substances undergo when they become new or different substances

When does light undergo refraction?

light undergoes refraction when the matter changes the speed of light

Which state of matter undergoes changes in volume most easily?

Gases undergo changes in volume very easily.solid

What phase changes can matter on earth undergo?

When matter is acted upon by force or temperature, it can move between all the states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas.

Why does matter undergo changes?

it undergoes change, cause these changes may be temporary and easily reversible or may permanent and very difficult to reverse.

What are the contribution they the chemistry give to the human?

It contributes best in the study of composition of matter and the changes matters undergo

Is wax a chemical or physical change?

Wax is not a change of any sort. It is matter that can undergo physical and chemical changes.

How do you define 'chemistry'?

Chemistry is the scientific study of the small-scale structures of matter and the composition of substances and the changes that they undergo.

What is the chemistry definition?

Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the structure, composition and properties of matter. It also deals with the laws and principles governing the changes that matter may undergo.

What is substance that undergo both chemical and physical changes?

Most substances undergo both changes - if the conditions are suitable.

What are six physical changes matter can undergo?

this is all i have... melting freezing dissolving crushing sanding cutting.... this is all from a science book

How does matter change without changing it's identity?

Matter can undergo physical changes without changing its identity. Physical changes include melting or freezing; evaporating or condensing; changing shape; chopping or grinding into smaller pieces.

Matter can undergo physical and what other type of change?

Matter can undergo go both physical and chemical change.

What are some substances that changes through all three states of matter - solid liquid and gas?

Some substances like water (or wax) can undergo observable changes through all three states of matter - solid liquid and gas.

How do rocks undergo changes?

Rocks undergo changes due to certain elements like running water, the sun, plants, animals, and people

Can silicon undergo a physical and chemical change?

Yes silicon can undergo physical and chemical changes.

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