What are the character names in Black Veil Brides?

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Here are all the character names in Black Veil Brides:
Andy Biersack -- The Prophet
Christian Coma -- The Destroyer
Jake Pitts -- The Mourner
Jinxx -- The Mystic
Ashley Purdy -- The Deviant
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What are the names of the band members in Black Veil Brides?

Andy Six - Andrew Biersack Ashley Purdy - Real Name Jinxx - Jeremy Feguson Jake Pitts - Real name Christian Coma - I think real name Sandra (Former drummer, she left the band) Chris Hollywood (Guitarist , he got kicked out)

What are the names of all the songs from black veil brides?

The Morticians Daughter The Gunsling Sex and Hollywood Hello My Hate A Devil For Me We Stitch These Wounds Sweet Blasphemy Knives and Pens Perfect Weapon Set The World On Fire Never Give In Beautiful Remains Children Surrender Heaven's Calling Carolyn fallen angles le ( Full Answer )

What is an email of black veil brides?

Black Veil Brides does not have an official fan email. Neither do the members. And WikiAnswers does not disclose their personal information.

Are Black Veil Brides satanic?

No, they are not Satanic. They are not Christian or Catholic either. Black Veil Brides is not a religious band.

How old is black veil brides?

they have been together since 2006. The only member that has been there since the beginning is Andy. When Andy started it, he named it Biersack.

What religion is Black Veil Brides?

Their religion is unknown, but Andy was a Catholic as a child, but currently has a inverted cross tatooed on the inside of his left forearm. This may be true but Andy and most of the name is Atheist but Andy is interested in all religions for there symbols especially the christian ones because they ( Full Answer )

Is there a girl in black veil brides?

No, there is no girl in BVB. However, the most recent drummer,(before CC) was a girl. Her name was Sandra Alvarenga. She left in2009 to become the drummer for a band called Modern Day Escape. Allof the current members of Black Veil Brides (Andy, Ashley, Jinxx,Jake, CC) are male.

What is the girl's name from Black Veil Brides?

As of this date (September 2013) all the band members aremale. . But Sandra Alvarenga was a member between 2008 and 2010. Sheplayed drums/percussion. Sandra left to join Modern Day Escape and as far as I know is stilldrummer with the band.

How did Black Veil Brides come up with their band name?

Andy personally gave me this answer two days ago when it was asked after a show. Andy attended a catholic school during his teen years, and his grandmother was very religious. He is extremely close to her hence the rosary he wears. Anyway, in catholic religion, when a woman gives up all her pleasure ( Full Answer )

Is Black Veil Brides famous?

Black Veil Brides is gaining popularity as their album is getting more media attention. Rumors are in rock magazines that Andy Six is the new god of rock. Most would consider them famous, as those rumors have been spread and that they have a Golden Gods Best New Artist award in their pocket.

What is Black Veil Brides?

A Rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Every member of the band says they want their music to send a message to the one that feel alone in this world. for example the song "Fallen Angels" is our anthem cause we consider ourselves as do the member of BVB the Ultimate Outcasts! :D And the lead singer, A ( Full Answer )

What does the band name Black Veil Brides mean?

Black Veil Brides means when a nun marries into the church she marries God, and she wears a black veil which symbolises her giving up the greater luxuries in life e.g. sex. Andy Biersack (lead singer and also know previously as Six or 6 although never the infamous Sixx) who grew up in a Catholic fam ( Full Answer )

How did Black Veil Brides get their name?

Andy got the idea when he found out about catholic nuns giving up their lives to god and marrying the church in black veils. Andy has said that although he is not catholic or religious, he respects the religion and what it stands for. Hope this helped :)

How did the black veil brides get their name?

Andy Six, the lead vocalist of Black Veil Brides, got the name when he heard about how Catholic nuns give up their lives in service to God and marry into the church. He claims he doesn't like the religion, but he respects the idea of leaving everything behind and sacrificing so much for what you bel ( Full Answer )

How did Black Veil Brides get their band name?

Andy grew up in a strong Roman Catholic family. Even though he didn't partake in the religious aspect of it. He liked the idea of when a nun marries into the church, giving up all the cardinal pleasures of life, and giving up everything for something that you love. Andy says he got the name because ( Full Answer )

What is black veil brides catgory in?

They are what ever you want to categorize it as. The vocalist, Andy Biersack says that all he wants to do is play music for his fans. Some may say its rock some punk and metal and others screamo, but to him those aren't really categories and more sub-titles he mostly describes the music as rock and ( Full Answer )

Where can you listen to black veil brides?

well you can listen to them on playlist, youtube, and basically any other music site you can also buy there albums and get them on itunes

What is the names of the boys in black veil brides?

Well, there's... Vocals- Andy Biersack (Used to be Six, but he changed it back.) Drums- Christian "CC" Coma Lead Guitar- Jake Pitts Guitar- Jinxx Bass- Ashley Purdy Have a nice day :)

Who plays what on black veil brides?

Andy Sixx [Biersack] plays vocals. Ashley Purdy plays bass. Jinxx plays guitar Jake Pitts also plays guitar. I believe he plays lead guitar. And CC [Christian Coma] plays drums =) *Hope that helps! BVB ARMY!*

When will black veil brides be in Minnesota?

They went there last year.right now there doing it in texas and las vegas down there sorry thats all i know! I love bvb and are waiting for them to come to minnesota!

Are the black veil brides evil?

No, they are not "evil". They just dress ,preferably, in black. Their music rarely involves screaming or any signs of them being 'evil' and or supporting satin, for any future question.

Where do the black veil brides get there outfits?

OK! HI! So in an interview Andy Biersack has said to buy normal leather clothes and remake them into what he wanted in the first place... i believe the other band members have adapted that. they all cut normal black tee's so they have different patterns! you can get leather from vampire freak.com lo ( Full Answer )

What are facts about the black veil brides?

1. bvb started in 2006 2. the only original member of bvb that is still currently in the band is andy 3. bvb has a total of 26 songs, 4 videos, and 1 introduction video 4. when you buy the STWOF album on itunes, you get a bonus track that is not included in the cd. the track is called "Smoke and Mir ( Full Answer )

What are Black Veil Brides' members full names?

Andy Six's real name is Andrew Dennis Biersack. Jinxx's real nameis Jeremy Miles Ferguson. Jake Pitts' real name is Jacob MarkPitts. Ashley Purdy's real name is Ashley Purdy. And Christian Coma(CC's) real name is Christian Mora.

How many members of Black Veil Bride are male and what are their names?

Right now, all of them are male. Andrew Dennis Biersack 'Andy Six (Not Sixx)' as vocals, Jake Pitts as lead guitar, Ashley Purdy as bass and backing vocals, Jinxx as rhythm quitar, violin and backing vocals, and Christian 'CC' Coma, as drums and percussion.

Are black veil brides male?

Yes they all are now. But the previous drummer was a girl called Sandra Alva.

What are the names of all the black veil brides?

the lead singer is called Andy Biersack, the bassist Ashley Purdy, the guitarists are called Jake Pitts and Jinxx(real name Jeremy) and the drummer is called CC aka Christian Coma

What are the names of every song made by black veil brides?

A Devil For Me Sex and Hollywood This Prayer's For You Hello My Hate The Gunsling WSTW We Stitch These Wounds (2 versions) Morticians Daughter (2 versions) Knives and Pens (3 versions) Sweet Blasphemy (2 versions) Children Surrender Beautiful Remains All Your Hate Outcasts (C ( Full Answer )

What are all the black veil brides band mates names?

Current members: Andy Biersack (Andrew Dennis Biersack) -- lead vocals Ashley Purdy -- bass, backing vocals Christian 'Coma' Mora (CC) -- drums, percussion Jinxx (Jeremy Miles Ferguson) -- rhythm guitar ,violin, backing vocals Jake Pitts (Jacob Mark Pitts)-- lead guitar Hope this hel ( Full Answer )

What are the black veil brides stage names?

Andy Biersack- The Prophet, Andy Six, Andy Sixx Christian "CC" Coma- The Destroyer Ashley Purdy- The Deviant Jake Pitts- The Mourner Jinxx- The Mystic

What did black veil brides get their name from and what does it mean?

Black Veil Brides Is a Roman-Catholic term......... Here is a quotefrom Andy Himself ........"The origin of the name comes from mychildhood fascination with Roman Catholicism and the dark imagerythat it evokes (i.e. sacred heart, stigmata, etc.) The term blackveil bride comes from the church. When a ( Full Answer )

What is everyone in black veil brides first and last names?

Andrew Biersack, Jake Pitts, Ashley Purdy, ur mom, Jinxx, and Christian Coma and you know what go look it up somewhere else. This website might give you the wrong answers but lets hope not. I use this to help me with my homework. lol have fun researching :p

What are all of the names of the songs black veil brides have written?

Smoke and mirrors Sex and hollywood Carolyn Heaven's calling Never give in Outcasts (call to arms) Perfect Weapon All your hate A devil for me Rebel love song God bless you Gunsling Saviour Love isn't always fair The legacy We stich these wounds Hello my hate Beauti ( Full Answer )

What are all Black veil brides Album names and songs on them?

We Stitch These Wounds:. Outcasts (Call To Arms) - this is the introduction for the album . We Stitch These Wounds . Beautiful Remains . Children Surrender . Perfect Weapon . Knives and Pens . The Mortician's Daughter . All Your Hate . Heaven's Calling . Never Give In . Sweet Blasphemy ( Full Answer )

What are the names of the players in black veil brides?

Andy Six (Andrew Biersack, Andy Sixx) Vocalist Ashley Purdy (Ashley Abrocket Purdy) Bassist Jake Pitts (Jacob Pitts) Lead Guitarist Christian 'CC' Coma (Christian Mora) Drummer Jinxx (Jeremy Miles Ferguson) Back up guitarist/violinist/pianist

What is the names of black veil brides?

If you mean what are all of their names their names are: Andrew Dennis Biersack (Andy Sixx), Ashley Purdy (Ash), Jake Pitts (Jake), Jeremy Furgeson (Jinxx), Christian Coma (CC)

What are the names of the boys in Black Veil Brides?

Lead vocalist -- Andrew Dennis Biersack (Andy Biersack). Bassist/backup vocalist -- Ashley Purdy. Drummer -- Christina Mora (Christian Coma or just CC). Lead guitarist -- Jacob Mark Pitts (Jake Pitts). Guitarist -- Jeremy Miles Ferguson (Jinxx).

What is the name of black veil brides first album?

Their first full-length album was titled "We Stitch These Wounds"which featured Andy Biersack on lead vocals, Ashley Pursy on bassguitar and backing vocals, Jake Pitts on lead guitar, Jinxx onrhythm guitar, violin, piano and backing vocals, and SandraAlvarenga on drums. Before their second album, Se ( Full Answer )