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A globe is a sphere in which two mathematical formulae are used to calculate its surface area and its volume: Surface area of a sphere = 4*pi*radius2 in square units. Volume of a sphere = 4/3*pi*radius3 in cubic units.

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What are characteristics of globe theatre?

One of its major characteristics is the the theater looked circular shape.

What are two advantages of the globe over the precipitation map of Florida for understanding characteristics?

A globe is tells you the continents but actuall a map is better because it is smaller, cheap,and every detailed.

Five characteristics of globalization?

Globalization is the process of building interconnected relationships among countries. Some of its characteristics include liberalization, increased free trade, connectivity, borderless globe and mobility.

What are the characteristics of globes?

the globe is the reprensentation of the earth. It is round shape and we see the whole image that there are countries, seas and continent..that's all..!! :)

What are some characteristics of the Globe theatre and acting in that era?

Actors during the Globe theatre era were not always looked upon favorably. They were often viewed as beggars and vagabonds. Women were not allowed to perform so young men played women's roles. The Globe theatre was constructed in 1599 and was a unique, elaborate theatre.

What is the Australian word for 'globe'?

Globe. Light globe or light bulb Globe of the World

What were Dr. Jose P. Rizal's characteristics when he was a child?

characteristics of Jose Rizal are:BraveKindLovingSmart (not globe) hahahah.. tawa munah..patient. . . . yan lng po alam ko ... sorry .. :(

Why is the globe spherical in shape?

"Globe" is another word for "sphere." A globe is spherical because that's the definition of "globe."

What is a Globe?

A Globe is a model of The Earth.A Globe is a model of The Earth.The official definition of the word globe is "a spherical or rounded object."

What are five characteristics of the globe grid?

i really don't know. haha ) do you know it? well can you please answer this question. haha ) just kidding ♥marian LG 2223

What are the special names on a globe?

the special names on a globe the special names on a globe

What is a globe feature?

A globe feature is where it is located across the world,(showing the globe).

Parts of globe?

what is the parts of a globe

What are the parts of globe?

what are the lines of the globe

Where could one find a picture of The Globe theatre?

The Globe Theatre is located in London. Google Images provides many pictures of the Globe Theatre. Shakespeare's Globe and the Globe Theatre website also provide pictures of the Globe Theatre.

Where is the Globe Public Library in Globe located?

The address of the Globe Public Library is: 339 South Broad Street, Globe, 85501 2607

What are some characteristics of the Prime Meridian?

* Located at 0 degrees longitude. * Start of GMT. * Runs north-south across the globe. * Divides Earth into eastern and western hemispheres.

What shape is a globe?

The shape of a globe is a SPHERE.

Definition of globe?

Answer = A Globe is a model of the Earth.

What is the cradle of the globe?

the thing that holds the globe

What is the plural of globe?

The plural of globe is globes.

What is the shape of a globe?

A globe is a sphere... unlike the Globe theatre which is circular, or more accurately a ring.

The now globe same place as the old globe?

Yes it is.. they rebuilt the Globe at the exact location.

When did the new globe theatre open?

Shakespeare's Globe, the modern reconstruction of the Globe, opened in 1997.

Is globe an abstract or concrete noun?

The noun globe is a concrete noun; a globe can be seen and touched.

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