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What are the characteristics of a scientist?

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Scientists are generally:1. Inquisitive - They ask who, what, where, when and why

2. Explorative - They employ the scientific approach in exploring a problem and design experiments to test their theories.

3. Persistent

4. Creative - To solve a problem, they often have to be creative in uncharted territory especially in Astronomy and physics.

5. Analytical - They observe what is happening and analyze the problem to come up with solutions.

Scientists differ from engineers in that scientists can work in the theoretical realm, while engineers are applied scientists in that they have to apply the principles of physics and math to solve daily problems. So they might work together as a team lead by the scientist to carry out an experiment for example.

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Who are the Filipino scientist and their characteristics?

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What are five characteristics of a scientist?

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Characteristics of a scientist?

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Different characteristics of a scientist?

the different characteristics of a scientist are: -logical and systematic -critical thinker -patient -willing to suspend judgement -hardworking -observer -creative -curiosity.

What characteristics do scientists possess?

The characteristics of scientists are they are very curious. The scientist has a keen curiosity about the world around them. The other characteristic of a scientist is that, they are dedicated in what they do and they actually have a passion for it.

What are three characteristics of scientist?

physics, biography and chemistry

What are 4 characteristics of a life scientist?

4 Charscteristics of a Life Scientist: -skeptical -observant -curious -creative

What physical characteristics are needed for a forensic scientist?

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What characteristics do William Harvey and Isaac Newton have in common?


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scientist say that they cannot understand why they fly, but they do.

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A scientist who studies the characteristics of rocks and the forces that have shaped Earth?

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What is the name of the scientist that study inherited characteristics?

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Outside of just a basic intelligence and language skills, a good scientist should be extremely logical and analytical. Also, a good scientist needs to be organized and methodical.

Why does a scientist use a periodic table?

Scientist uses periodic table to determine characteristics of elements.It is done in accordance with element's position in periodic table.

What are some of the characteristics scientist use to classify organisms?

color shape texture size.

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clastic chemical and organic.

Who is the scientist that proved that acquired characteristics are not inherited?

Jean-Baptist Lamarck, French naturalist

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