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There are oil base and water base, as well graham cracker type.

Addition: Or they can be classified as Sweet pastry (for sweet pies) and puff pastry, shortcrust pastry, filo pastry. (all used as pie crusts!)

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What are the two classification of pie crusts?

There are single crust pies and double crust pies. Pumpkin is always a single crust pie. Apple pies and berry pies are usually double crust pies.

What is pie crust?

Crust on a pie.

Classification of pie crust?

There are oil base and water base, as well graham cracker type.

What is the difference between a single pie crust and a double crust?

A single pie crust is just the bottom crust on a finished pie. For instance, a French Silk or pumpkin pie is a single crust pie.A double crust is a pie that has a bottom, filling and then a top crust to cover the pie. A traditional apple or blueberry pie is a double crust. An apple pie with a crumble topping instead of that second crust on top is a single crust pie.

What is the best pie crust for meat pie?

meat pie crust?

Is apple pie a two crust pie or one crust?

It is a one crust pie with a decorative topping.

Where can I get a Hubert Keller recipe for pie crust?

He had a recipe for potato pie, usuing a pie crust which he made, where can i get the recipe for the pie crust?

Differentiate one crust pie from two crust pie?

A one-crust pie has a bottom crust forming a pastry bowl that contains the pie filling. A two-crust pie has a pastry lid over the filling.

If you wrap a pie in a bacony crust is it still a pie?

A pie remains a pie regardless of the type of crust it is baked in.

Is apple pie a two crust pie or one crust pie?

Apple pie is a two crust pie. Most pies are unless you freezes them, because it locks in the aroma and the flavor.

What are examples of single crust pie?

exaple of one crust pie

What pie crust is best for a pumpkin pie?

For a pumpkin pie, the best crust can be store bought or if you want a homemade crust, you might want to check out Once there, type in pumpkin pie or pie crust and a recipe should appear.

Is pie shell the same thing as pie crust?

Yes, but "pie shell" implies a crust that is premade.

When should you add pie filling mix to a pie crust?

You must bake the bottom crust as per recipe or pie crust directions before adding the pie filling.

When is it necessary to prebake a pie crust?

You will use a pre-baked pie crust when you are making a cream pie, when filling the pie crust with fresh fruit, or anything that does not require baking.

What is pie crust in Finland called?

Murotaikina is the traditional Finnish pie crust.

Do you have to bake a frozen pie crust a pie crust before filling for a quiche?


Can you made noodles from pie crust?

No. But you can make pie crust from cooked noodles.

When was Pie crust crab created?

Pie crust crab was created in 1846.

Can you use a graham cracker crust instead of a pie crust in a pumpkin pie?

Yes. It changes the crust flavor a bit, but won't harm the pie.

What is a pie crust?

A dough used to contain different types of sweet or savory fillings, generally with a top of the same pastry and baked

What kind of pie crust would you use for pumpkin pie?

Reglar crust that is soft

What temperature do you bake a pie crust?

Temperatures required for pie crust differ according to the specific recipe and type of pie crust. A simple pastry pie crust without filling may be baked at 425 degrees F., for 15 minutes.

What is a single pie crust?

A single pie crust is a crust that will fill the bottom of the pie tin - or cover the pie on top - but not both. A double pie crust requires about twice as much dough, and is enough to cover both the bottom and the top.Some pies, like pumpkin, typically have only a bottom crust. Others, like apple pie and meat pies, use both a bottom and a top crust. The top crust functions like a lid on the pie, helping to contain the heat while the contents bake.

Is baking powder in pie crust?

No, pie crust is called a "short" dough which means it has no leavening.