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i was doing this for a science question and i found them out on the google map. they are :: Husky- 10,800 bpd crude capacity Suncor Energy- 27,000 bpd crude capacity Big West Oil LLC- 66,000 bpd crude capacity Sunoco Inc- 335,000 bpd crude capacity Tesoro Corp- 72,000 bpd crude capacity

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What is the biggest oil company?

opec but it depends how you look at it.. ExxonMobil is the biggest company.

What is the biggest petrochemical company in the world?

The Exxon oil company is the biggest petrochemical company in the world.

Which is biggest petroleum company in Italy?

The biggest petroleum company in Italy is the Eni S.p.A. This is an oil and gas company.

What is the worlds biggest oil company?


Biggest oil producer in US of the US?

The biggest oil company is Exxon Mobile. The state wich produces the most oil is Louisiana.

Who is the biggest stockholder in the BP Oil Company?


What is the biggest oil company in south Africa?


What is the name of the largest oil company of the world?

The British Petroleum(BP) who are responsible for the oil spill but they are still the biggest company regarding the oil spills.

What is the world's biggest oil producing company?

Saudi Aramco is world's largest oil corporation, based in Saudi Arabia. Aramco is acronym for Arabian American oil company.

What company is the biggest oil broker in Anchorage, Alaska?

Exxon oil is actually the large oil broker in Anchorage, Alaska with over 30 refineries.

Why do you want to work in an oil company?

ExxonMobil who was the most profitable company and second to Shell as the biggest company, in 2009, are both apart of the oil and gas industry which is the third fast growing industry in 2009.

Which is the biggest Indian MNC?

ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL) - the public sector oil and natural gas company is the biggest Indian MNC.

Why you choice our company?

Because I do believe that you are rendering great services to your employees and to all the people. One biggest company for oil and gas.

Who is the biggest producer of oil?

the biggest producer of oil is saudiarab

How did John D Rockefeller amass his huge oil holdings?

By buying competing refiners, improving the efficiency of his operations, pressing for discounts on oil shipments, undercutting his competition, and buying them out

What company offers the biggest discount coupon on oil changes?

Most automotive companies will offer a discount on oil changes if you buy a car from them. However, one company does not charge substantially less than the rest.

What does Nigeria have?

Nigeria is rich in Agriculture. It is also one of the highest distributors of oil in the World. It houses one of the biggest Head Offices for the Oil company, 'Shell'

Which is a Pure play company in oil industry?

Frontier Oil Co, Continental Resources, ExxonMobil and Plains All American can all be considered to fall within the "Oil Industry" but to be a little more helpful, one should decide on which component of the oil industry to focus on i.e refiners, drilling/exploration/production, pipeline/transportation/marketing, or fully integrated oil companies. The above examples would fall into these more specific classes of oil companies as follows: Pure Play Refiner: Frontier Oil Company Pure Play Driller/Producer: Continental Resources Pure Play Tranporter/Pipeliner : Plains All American Pure Play fully integrated oil company: ExxonMobil

What are the strength in IOI group?

IOI group is a strong company because it is one of the biggest companies in Malaysia and regulates oil distribution.

What was the name of john d Rockefellers oil company?

Standard Oil Company. Standard Oil Company.

What was OPEC?

OPEC is the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. It is an international organization and economic cartel that consists of the major oil-exporting nations in the world. Its main goal was to stop the world's largest oil refiners and producers from lowering oil prices. They wanted to gain control over the price of oil.

How to start a oil and gas company Can an oil and gas company become a part of a conglomerate company?

Yes, an oil and gas company can be part of a conglomerate.

What oil pops the biggest popcorn kernels?

hot oil

What is the biggest industry in Indonesia?

The biggest industry in Indonesia is oil extraction.

What resources are in Canada?

OIL is our biggest resource- we have more oil than most. wheat water and a few more, these are the biggest