What are the comparisons of the Cistercians Franciscans and Dominicans?

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The Cistercians are monks, while the Franciscans and Dominicans are both friars, the only thing that they have in common is that they are all religious Orders of the Catholic Church. The Cistercians were a reform of the Benedictine monasteries of the Cluny family which started in 1098 with St. Bernard of Clairvaux. The Franciscans and Dominicans were founded from nothing by St. Francis and St. Dominic (respectively) in 1209 and 1216.
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What is comparison?

Comparison is setting one thing alongside another to look for similarities, differences and relative sizes or other properties.

Whats the difference between a Dominican monk and a Franciscan monk?

The Dominicans and Franciscans were mendicant orders established in the 13 th century. The friars were prohibited from owning more land than needed to house themselves and never became substantial property owners or owners of great wealth, as other orders did. The Franciscans in particular, advocat (MORE)

What is the history of Franciscan Guitars?

I have a francicn guitar that is model # 58. I'm trying to find out how old this may be. Hope you can help. ppatrick29072@yahoo.com Thanks in advance. Peggy I don't know how much help this is, I have a Franciscan 12 string model 6914 and can trace it back to 1970. A friend of mine willed it to me (MORE)

What is a Franciscan order?

The Franciscans are several orders of priests, brothers and sisters who follow the tenets set forth by St. Francis of Assisi when he established the Order of Friars Minor.

What are Franciscans?

Franciscans belong to one of several Orders in the Catholic church who follow the inspiration of Saint Francis of Assisi. There are three major groups of Franciscans: the Friars Minor, who developed from the Observants allowing no corporate property; the Conventuals, who allowed corporate ownership; (MORE)

What is a franciscan mandolin worth?

Whatever someone will pay for it!! j/k They were built in Indonesia mainly in the 1990's. Imported here through Kaman Musical Instruments, LTD. Sold retail between $100 and $200 depending on the model. Worth now in great shape $75. Fair shape $50.

What are cistercian monks?

They were monks that followed the rule of St Benedict they were classed purer than other monks and wore white robes and even no underpants

What is a franciscan?

I just purchased a used classical acoustic Franciscan guitar. Ithas a label in it that says made in republic of Korea. It also hasa model no. it is not very clear but it is either an 05 or a D5 canany one tell me about this guitar. Maybe how old it could be? whatit could be worth? Used fair conditio (MORE)

What were Cistercians?

The Cistercians are a reform of the Benedictine Order. Saints Robert, Alberic, and Stephen Harding were the founders and were largely expandeded by St. Bernard of Clairvaux. They were founded in Citeaux in France in 1098. Today they are Cistercian women and men on every continent.

Who were The Dominicans and Franciscans?

Please note that the Dominicans and Franciscans are still very much alive and present in the Church. The Dominicans were a religious Order of preaching friars (Order of Preachers is its official name) and two other Orders started by St. Dominic in 1205 A.D., while the Franciscans are various religio (MORE)

What is the symbol of the Franciscan order of monks?

The tau cross is the symbol of franciscan order. It marks the members of the Franciscan order as belonging to the lord. Franciscans are not monks as they do not live in a monastery. They are known as friars.

What was the Cistercian Order?

Short answer: The Order of Cistercians (OCist; Latin: Cistercienses), sometimes called the White Monks (from the colour of the habit, over which a black scapular or apron is sometimes worn) is a Roman Catholic religious order of enclosed monks. The first Cistercian abbey was founded by Robert of (MORE)

What did the cistercian monks do?

Cistercian Monks follow the Rule of St. Benedict. The three main components of the day are prayer, lectio divina (prayerful reading of scripture). and manual labour. Most Cistercian monasteries have farms, but there is also work like pottery, binding books, and running the guest house, or schools. O (MORE)

What do Franciscan monks do?

Franciscans are not monks, they are friars. Monks live in monasteries and usually work in monasteries. Friars work outside their residence and are sometimes assigned as parish priests, teachers and so forth.

What is the Franciscan religious order?

It's a catholic religious order. They're catholic monk/ priests. They live the life of Christ and shares the gift of God with other. For more info, just google it.

Who founded the Franciscan order?

St Francis of Asissi founded the order of the fransiscan monks(A.K.A. the friaors minor)and he is the saint of animals to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the Franciscan order?

Franciscans are made up of First Order Friars and Sisters, Second order enclosed Sisters as well as a Third order made up of Lay people and Ordained folk. Friars, unlike Monks, work outside the Priory in the world. Only the enclosed second order franciscan nuns lead a life of full-time contemplation (MORE)

Did the Cistercians accept women?

There are monasteries of Cistercian women all over the world. The Cisterician has one unified order of women and men, but the individual houses will either be of women or men.

Difference between franciscan and dominican mission?

Both Orders are apostolic, that is, seeking to win souls to Christ.. The Dominican Order from its beginnings emphasized prayer, study, and preaching. One of the Order's mottoes is Contemplare et contemplata allis tradere, which means , "to contemplate and to share with others the fruits of conte (MORE)

What is cod franciscan?

Cod franciscan is baked (usually) cod filet covered and baked in a tomato based sauce consisting of diced peppers, onions and olives. Has a very rich, deep tomato flavor while still retaining a nice fishy undertone. Might remind one of Manhattan Clam Chowder on a plate... at least that sort of flavo (MORE)

Who created the Franciscan order?

St. Francis of Assisi created a group of friars (brothers) that eventually evolved into the Franciscan order. St Francis of Assissi The founder of the Franciscans is St. Francis of Assisi.

Why were the cistercians founded?

The Cistercians were founded because they saw other Benedictine Monastaries as becoming too lax, and in some cases Modernist. From the website of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance: "In 1098 a small group of monks from the French Abbey of Molesme, seeking to live a life in stricter confo (MORE)

What is the Franciscan friary?

This is the uniquely Franciscan term for a parsonage, priestly housing, rectory etc. as used by the Franciscan Friars ( a corruption of Frater- Brother) This term is only used by the Franciscan order. They had one in Hoboken on Monroe street, attached to the Saint Joseph Parish.

What does comparison?

comparison mean not being fair if you use a sentence this how it sound like the comparison between Joseph and jack quite and unfair

Are Franciscan priests Catholic priests?

Franciscans priests, known as friars, are Catholic priests who are members of the Order of Friars Minor (OFM). There are several branches of Franciscans such as the Capuchin Franciscans and Conventual Franciscans. The order was founded by St. Francis of Assisi who was a Roman Catholic deacon.

How do you become a Franciscan?

You must give up your property and wealth, and consider all creatures your brothers and sisters. . Catholic Answer You become a Franciscan by applying to one of the Orders of Franciscans. (Conventual Franciscans, Third Order Franciscans, Order of Capuchin Friars Minor, etc.) and being accepted by (MORE)

Why was Cistercians founded?

Roman Catholic Answer: The Monks of the Order of Citeaux ( Cistertium) founded at that place by St. Robert of Molesme, St. Alberic, and St. Stephen Harding in 1098 for strict observance of the Rule of St. Benedict. (from A Catholic Dictionary, edited by Donald Attwater, 2nd Edition, Revised). Mo (MORE)

What colour was the Cistercians clothes?

They were/are known as White Monks, because of their white cowls (usually only worn as choir dress). Their regular habit consists of a white tunic, over which a black hooded scapular is worn. The whole is girded together by a leather belt. (Some Cistercians of the Common Observance [OCist] wear, ins (MORE)

What do Franciscans eat?

Normally, Franciscans eat the common fare of those with whom they live, although, due to St. Francis' emphasis on poverty, they should be living among the poorer of the people, and eating what they are eating.

Did the Franciscans accept female intellectuals?

I think we can safely say the Franciscans did accept female intellectuals, because there were Franciscan orders specifically for contemplative nuns. They were called the Poor Clares by many people.

What did the Franciscan do?

they preach to the public and tried to convert those who aren't christians. they also lived in extreme poverty because they wanted to live just as jesus did, they had no home.

What is the official name of the Franciscan Order?

Catholics... Well, as disappointing as it might sound to you, I know you were probably seeking a "deeper" name for the "Franciscans" but matter of fact is that after all that is what they are, they are mostly Roman Catholics. Besides that, there are also some other minor sects/groups, of which the " (MORE)

When did the cistercian order come to an end?

It has not come to an end and there are still Cistercian monks today. In England all the monasteries occupied by Benedictines, Cistercians, Cluniacs, Carthusians and others were closed in the period 1538 to 1540 and all monks were either pensioned off or found alternative employment. Naturally, the (MORE)

What is the difference between Benedictine and Cistercian monks?

Catholic Answer In the eleventh century, St. Robert of Molesme, who was aBenedictine monk founded a new monastic order based on the Rule of St. Benedict . The purposewas to live the Benedictine life upon more strict and austerelines. By the end of the twelfth century, the new Benedictine Orderhad (MORE)

What do franciscan monks believe in?

The Order of Friars Minor (the official name of the Franciscan monks) is a mendicant order (meaning they give up all worldly possessions and live as paupers off of public donations) of the Roman Catholic Church. The Franciscans are actually divided into three different orders: Observants (common (MORE)

How do you comparison?

You have to consider the things, or people in question, with regard to some characteristic that is common in both

Where was the Franciscan order of monks founded?

The is no such thing as a "Franciscan Order of monks." Monks are monks: Benedictines, Cisterisans, etc. Franciscans are friars, and they were founded by St. Francis of Assisi, who founded his Order in Assisi.

What was the impact of the Order of Franciscans?

There are several families under the Franciscan umbrella; the Franciscan Order, itself, began in the early 13th century. In over seven centuries, the impact of the Order has been profound, you may view some of it at the link below.

What is a Franciscan Desert Rose?

The Franciscan Desert Rose is a pattern on one of the most popular American dinnerware sets made out of ceramics. The design was created in the year 1941.

Who are the Dominicans and what do they do?

Dominicans are the people who hail or have ancestry from the Dominican Republic. A lot of them live in the United States, particularly New York. A famous celebrity with Dominican heritage is actress Zoe Saldana.

Where is the origins for franciscan china?

Gladding McBean and Company was founded in 1875 they made clay products tiles bricks etc.for the building industry their company suffered greatly during the great depression in order to remain in business they diversified into tableware they first began producing Franciscan China in Los Angeles (MORE)

When was the Hungarian Cistercian founded?

It was founded in 1182, that is actually a long time ago. America was not even founded by then, just the perfect example, showing the lack of culture America has to offer.

Where were the Franciscans founded?

St. Francis actually started his Order in his hometown of Assisi, although he and his companions went to Rome to receive authorization of the Pope.

What is a vow of the Franciscan Order?

The Franciscans make the normal vows of most religious orders:poverty, chastity, and obedience. A Conventual Franciscan explainsthe vows: from the Conventual Franciscan website: . Written by Conventual Franciscans on 10 July 2011.Posted in Our Vows St. Francis never envisioned a community held t (MORE)