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The components in fair testing are:

A. Developing and Selecting Appropriate Tests

B. Administering and Scoring Tests

C. Reporting and Interpreting Test Results

D. Informing Test Takers

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Q: What are the components in fair testing?
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What is difference between testing methods testing types testing levels testing techniques?

Hi All, I think the answer for this question is, Testing method :Verification(review) and Validation Testing types : Basically static and dynamic-> in dynamic testing further can be classified into structural(white box) and functional(black box) testing Testing Technique : in white box testing we have 1) loop coverage 2)statement coverage 3) condition coverage 4) decision coverage in black box testing we have 1) Equilance partioning, 2)boundary value analysis 3) error guessing Testing Levels : Unit testing, integration testing systemtesting , Acceptance testing

What is stochastic testing?

Stochastic testing is the same as "monkey testing", but stochastic testing is a lot more technical sounding name for the same testing process. Stochastic testing is black box testing, random testing, performed by automated testing tools. Stochastic testing is a series of random tests over time. The software under test typically passes the individual tests, but our goal is to see if it can pass a large number of individual tests.

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What is difference between Maintainability testing and Maintance testing?


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the fair testing will done if you want to done

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FAIR TEST means something which is a test and is fair.

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Fair testing is when you test something with many variables, but you must change one variable. e.g. testing the different types ofdrinking water. [Tap water, hose water, etc.

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A: get that from manufacture data sheets.

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