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N1*V1 = N2*V2 (where N1 & N2 are the normality of respective acid or base while V1 & V2 is their respective volume).

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Formula for a neutralisation reaction?

neutralisation reaction: n=vm2 + charlotte

What is a neutralisation reaction?

A neutralisation reaction is a reaction between an acid and an alkali, in the correct proportions to produce a neutral salt.

What is the equation for a neutralisation reaction?

The equation for a neutralisation reaction is acid+alkali=neutral this is the correct answer hoped I helped you :)

Can a neutralisation reaction be reversed?

Yes it can

How is sherbet made using neutralisation reaction?

Sherbert is made using neutralisation reaction because it makes the sherbet soft and mushy.

What is the reaction called between limescale and vinegar?

Neutralisation Reaction

What word describes the reaction or an acid with an alkali?

its called the neutralisation reaction

What type of reaction when acid reacts wiyh alkali?

a neutralisation reaction

What kind of reaction is calcium hydroxide with carbon dioxide?

Neutralisation reaction.

How is the neutralisation reaction of ammonia and nitric acid different from most neutralisation reactions?

Because it doesnt have water

Is neutralising an acid a chemical reaction?

Yes. A reaction does take place in neutralisation.

What type of reaction takes place when mixed by an acid and base?

Neutralisation reaction

What is the name of the reaction between an acid and an alkili?


Always a product in neutralisation reaction?

shu cuz

What Neutralisation can do in everyday life?

Basically neutralisation meansi t is a reaction between an acid and a baseto give neutral product i.e. neither acidic or basic is called neutralisation reaction. There are manny applications of neutralisation reactions. they are: In human beings agriculture soap industry textile industry food industry

What type of reaction does acetic acid and sodium hydroxide make?

It is a neutralisation reaction, it is also an exothermic reaction.

A reaction that forms water and salt is called a?

it is a neutralisation reaction formed from an acid + base

What colour will universal indicator turn in a neutralization reaction?

It turns green on neutralisation reaction.

What type of reaction is copper oxide sulfuric acid?


What do you use neutralisation in?

In a neutralization reaction we use an acid and a base.

What is the reaction called Between a Acid And Alkalie?

neutralisation.... i..think.................

Taking an antacid for acid indigestion is what type reaction?


When does a neutralisation reaction occurs?

when there is an equal mix of acid and alkali

How is salt formed by neutralisation?

when acid reacts with an alkali its products formed are salt and water only. for ex. NaOH + HCl = NaCl + H2O(water) this reaction is called as neutralisation reaction.

What kind of reaction occurs when lime is added to acidic lakes?

A Neutralisation reaction occurs :D

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