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If you don't recycle paper, more trees will be cut down, reducing the world's oxygen and increasing the carbon dioxide. If you don't recycle aluminum cans, lots of the world's energy will be used to make aluminum from scratch. Likewise for glass, which is easier to re-use than manufacture. Anything that isn't recycled could go into landfills or be dumped into the ocean. Landfills can pollute water and leak methane gas into the atmosphere. You don't want that.

A:The causes now of not recycling are global warming and more. A:If there was ever a time to recycle it is now. We have been waiting too long and we have not taken action. Every person must take part even if they think they won't make a difference -- they can. If everyone thought this there wouldn't be millions of people attempting to recycle for the better. If we do not recycle, our earth will be scarred and pollution, garbage, cutting of our trees will inevitably end life. That may not occur now nor to our children, but soon enough. Never give up for the sake of the inhabitants of our planet. Humans animals and plants alike.
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The consequences of not recycling are pollution, tipping, global warming and the resulting catastrophes of climate change. So make sure you recycle.

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Q: What are the consequences of not recycling?
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