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Flamenco is characterized by fast, precise footwork where the dancer stamps his feet rapidly on the floor. Although the feet are used differently, the principle is similar to tap dancing, where the rhythms created by the feet become part of the music.

The techniques for striking the floor are unique to flamenco and are called "zapateado".

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Q: What are the dance steps to the flamenco?
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Who created the flamenco dance?

Gypsies created the flamenco dance

What a flamenco?

Flamenco is a traditional Spanish dance.

Why was flamenco dance created?

The Flamenco dance was created by Gypsies to pass the time and to have fun.

What are flamenco dresses?

flamenco dresses are dresses worn by Spaniards doing the traditional flamenco dance.

What represents flamenco dancing?

flamenco dance is a type of dance that has sharp upper body, arm and head movements. This type of dance originated in Spain but their are many different types of flamenco styles.

What is the famous dance in Spain called?

The dance is the Flamenco.

Flamenco is a modern dance?


What type of dance is originated from Spain?

flamenco I don't think any type of dance is originated from Spain but many spanish people dance the Flamenco. Flamenco is originated from Andalusia. andalusia is located in Spain.

From which country does the flamenco dance come?

Flamenco is Spanish in origin

Who first dance the flamenco dance?

My grandma was the first !!! she even created the dance

What is Spain's national dance?

Spain's national dance is the Flamenco

What is a type of dance in Spain?


National dance of spain?


What is a typical spanish dance?


When did the flamenco dance start?

in 1003

What do you wear when you dance flamenco?


Where did the flamenco dance come from?


What dance is Spain known for?


Is flamenco a song?

no it's a dance

What are the dance steps for flamenco in written form i have a dance essay to write and need to know the basic steps in a basic routine and their names?

The principle dance notation (written form) worldwide is 'LABAN NOTATION'. This is used by choreographers for all styles. That is Ballet, Contempory, and in this case Flamenco. A data base for the information regarding basic Flamenco routines can be found in the archives of Spanish Flamenco Academies and the equivalent in Mexico, & U.S. This maybe quite difficult to obtain quickley. My suggestion would be to contact the nearest Flamenco school that has access to this information. The Spanish Embassy (in your national capital may be able to assist if you wish to contact a particular area in Spain (Savilla being the most prevalent regarding Flamenco). The Spanish are very proud of their Flamenco and will hopefully be able to assist regarding your enquiries.

What is a flamenco?

Flamenco is a dance. It is not the same as a flamingo, which is a pink bird! It is a completely separate and unique dance genre which comes from the Andalusian area of Spain.

Is flamenco a single person dance?

Yes, flamenco is traditionally a solo dance. Sometimes, several dancers will get up and dance during one piece of music, but they will generally "tag" each other (one sits down and the next stands up to take over) rather than dance at the same time. You will see flamenco danced in groups by amateur troupes, in choreographed theatre shows, and by entertainers in Spanish tourist tablaos. Flamenco is not a social dance so it is not danced with a partner. The Sevillanas is a popular Spanish partner dance, often used in flamenco performances but it is not actually flamenco.

In Spain what type of music do they dance to?

In Spain they do a dance called flamenco.

What country is famous for the dance flamenco?

spain is famous for the flamenco

Why is the flamenco danced?

flamenco, along with most dance styles is done to express culture or emotion.

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