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If you mean latex paint, none. Latex is a water based paint and has no toxic fumes.

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Q: What are the dangers of a two-year-old inhaling latex paint fumes?
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Is inhaling latex cement bad for you?


Are latex paint fumes toxic to dogs?

No, latex or rubber-based paints are low odour and not a problem for man or animal.

Are Latex paint fumes danger to baby?

Paint fumes are dangerous to anyone, but since 'latex' is a water-based paint, there is less likely to be dangerous fumes. Still, you should never paint with a baby in close proximity. Is it possible that my daughter who was 8 weeks pregnant and painting the house they were selling could have had inhaled the fumes of the paint resulting in a damaged foetus resulting in a spontaneous abortion.

Is it bad to use latex paint if you're allergic to latex?

That observation seems to speak for itself. If you are allergic to latex the use of latex pain would be especially risky as unset paints tend to emit all kinds of fumes until they are set. Personally I would advise against it.

If you are six weeks pregnant will the fumes from painting the nursery in latex paint hurt the baby?

Latex is not as dangerous as oil based, but to be on the safe side you should work in a well ventilated area and ask your Doctor.

Are fumes from latex paint toxic?

To a minor extent yes, they are certainly not good for your health but they are not extremely dangerous either. Ensure good ventilation when using any paint.

What is latex made from?


Can you paint semi gloss latex over high gloss latex?

Latex bonds to latex, regardless of gloss.

Who invented latex?

just latex

What are latex gloves made out of?


Can drain cleaner harm you?

Due to the chemicals that most drain cleaners contain they are extremely harmful to people especially if swallowed. Please handle drain cleaning solutions with latex gloves and do not inhale the fumes.

Does latex paint dissolve in water?

yes because latex paint is latex paint

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