What are the differences between UX and UI design?


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May 23, 2017 10:44AM

This is maybe the most important matter before hiring an agency for your business. Many people get confused between the difference in UX & UI designer roles. To understand the role of UX designer, you need to think about what defines the success of what you're building. When a user interacts with your product, and it delivers the value you promised them in a positive way. It's your UX Designer's job to know everything about your users, and to keep their experience consistent throughout all phases of your project. This means your UX Designer needs to be involved in every step of the process, from concept to execution to implementation. Many people also think the job of a UI Designer is to just make wireframe mockups. For example, for an e-commerce site UI Designer will specify where will be right place to put the price slider. On that wireframe, the price slider would be represented by a box. It's the UI Designer's job to take that box and turn it into an element that lets the user understand what it does and how it works. The UI Designer may also suggest a different placement for elements, or different types of elements to create a better user experience. So, before choosing UX/UI designer agency it's most crucial to know their expertise in this field.