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the frogs liver is way biger

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What are the similarities and differences between a human and a frog esophagus?

its smaller on a frog

What is the difference between frog kidneys and human kidneys?

No differences

What are six anatomical differences between the digestive system of a human and a frog?

There are a few anatomical differences between the digestive system of a human and a frog. The first is that there are no villi in the small intestine of a frog. Frogs also have very weak teeth. The GI tract of the human and frog are also very different.

What is the function of a liver in a frog?

The liver of a frog functions the same way as a human liver. It secretes bile needed for the digestion of fats.

What are the differences between frog skin and human skin?

Human skin is tan, dry, and sometimes hairy, while frog skin is green, slimy and smooth.

Differences between frog embryo and human embryo?

the length of time they develope is the main difference.

What are two major differences between the anatomy of a frog and humans?

in heart. human heart has 4 chambers and frog heart has got 5

What were the major differences between human leg bones to frog's leg bone?

The skeleton of a human and frog are quite similar. There are a couple differences with the radius and ulna on a frog being fused together as well as the tibia and fibula bones.

What are the main differences between frog blood and human blood?

In frog blood, both white and red blood cells have nuclei. Frog cells also lack platelets.

How does human kidney differ from frog kidney?

No differences

How is a frog's anatomy different to a human anatomy?

There are a few differences between a frog anatomy and a human. Frogs have wet skin, where human skin is dry, and the frog has a three chambered heart, where humans have a four chambered heart.

What is the difference between the human blood smear and the frog blood smear under microscope?

Numerous differences can be seen between frog blood and human blood. Perhaps the most obvious is the oval shape of the frog erythrocytes rather than the biconcave discs of human blood. Moreover, the frog erythrocytes have a nucleus (here stained blue) whilst human erythrocytes do not. There is less difference in size between the erythrocytes and leucocytes than in human blood. There are no platelets in frog blood.

What are the similarities of frog liver human liver pig liver?

They are all the largest organ in the body. Actually That's Not True The Liver In The Frog Is The Biggest Organ But For The Human Its The Skin. The liver is the largest (INTERNAL) organ. All livers serve 4 basic functions: Filtering the blood of its impuritys, fuel and nutrient management, regulating water distribution in the blood and tissues, and disposing any excess nitrogen in the body."Be it human or frog"

What are the main differences between frog and human livers?

SmallerFrog livers are much smaller than human livers and don't taste as good -- with or without fava beans. ^^Technically no, a frog's liver is not much smaller than a human's. When compared, of course. But a frog's liver is actually quite big compared to its body. While a human's liver takes up a pretty small amount of our body, the frog's liver covers up most internal organs. You'd have to cut it out to look at its stomach, pancreas, and spleen.Frog and human livers functions are the same. They each create bile and are used for detoxification.I disagree with the don't taste as good part as well.

What are the differences between the heart of a frog and a human?

The human heart pumps/ beats about 72 times per minute the frog heart only pumps 30-50 times a minute.human heart has 4 chambers and frog heart has 3 chamberType your answer here... FROG HEART IS THREE CHAMBERED WHILE HUMAN HEART IS FOUR CHAMBERED

How is the location of the lungs and the liver in a frog different from that of a human?

frogs also have gills

What are three differences between a tadpole and a frog?

a tadpole will become a frog when it gets older

What color is a frog liver?

The liver of a frog is typically brown.

What are the Differences between a frog and a duck?

A frog isn't furry a duck is A frog is green, brown and a duck is yellow, white, or tan A duck has a beak a frog doesn't

What human skeletal system is missing in the frog?

There are lots of similarities in human and frog skeletal system, but still there are differences between both of them. First, the frog and human both have skull, but frog doesn't have neck that;s why they can't turn, lift, or turn their head like people can. Second, frog doesn't have ribs. the rib like bone you can see in their back is just a part of its spine.

What is the difference between lizard and frog?

if i may say the differences and similarities between frogs and lizards are that frog are much shorter than the lizard (differences) and they do both eat flies

What are the similarities and differences between a human and frog glottis?

the frogs glottis is allot larger than a humans since the size is very different!

What are the similarities and differences between a frog and an earthworm?

A frog has legs and a worm doesn't XD =Þ

What are the differences between frog anatomy and human anatomy?

the difference between the frogs anatomy and us humans is that they have four toes on their feet which are webbed and we have five fingers and toes.

In a frog what does the liver produce and secrete?

In a frog, the liver produces and secretes bile.

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