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Although both birds have blue feathers, they are in entirely different families of birds. Bluebirds are insectivores but blue jays are opportunists able to eat most food sources they find.

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What are the differences between a blue bird and a blue jay?

Blue jays have small crests, and some bluebirds have reddish chests.

What is the difference between a blue bird and a blue jay?

Blue Jays have crests and Bluebirds don't.

How many birds are blue?

Bluebirds, Blue Jays, and certain Parrots, and Parakeets can be blue.

How are blue birds and blue jays different?

Blue jays are bigger, pionted head, black and white in it, commoner. Bluebirds are smaller, related to the Robin, orange belly, and less agressave.

How are blue jays and blue birds different?

Jays are larger, and have more white and gray coloration, and have a crest. They are in the family Corvidae, with crows and ravens. The bluebirds are a deeper blue, and are thrushes, family Turdidae.

What animals eat grapes?

Raccoon, deer, rabbits, bluebirds, mockingbirds, and blue jays eat grapes!!

How are blue birds and bluejays alike?

Just about the only way they are alike is that they both have blue coloring. Blue Jays are larger than Bluebirds and have a completely different temperament.

Do blue jays like to live in bird houses?

No. They are not cavity nesters. Some cavity nesters are chickadees, bluebirds, woodpeckers.

Are blue birds and blue jays the same?

No. Bluebirds are fairly small and eat seeds and so on. Bluejays are middle-sized birds and will eat anything it finds in the way of

Who has the most RBIs in blue jays history?

Carlos Delgado, who played with the Blue Jays between 1993-2004, with 1058.

What is the difference between a honeybee and a blue jays structure?

what is the difference between honeybee and blue Jay

The difference between the cardinals and blue jays?

Blue jays are larger, more aggressive, and are colored differently.Cardinals are basicly seed eaters in the finch family, while blue jays are scavengers, related to crows and ravens.

What is the difference of a blue jay and a robin?

The color difference is obvious. Jays are members of the family Corvidae, along with crows and ravens. Robins are thrushes, along with thrushes and the bluebirds.

Are blue jays are mammals?

Blue jays are birds.

Can blue jays glide?

how do blue jays glide

Are blue jays mammals or birds?

Blue jays are birds

What color do blue jays like?

Blue jays like the color light blue

Who was the Blue Jays all time winningest pitcher?

Through the 2009 season, that is Dave Stieb with 175 wins for the Blue Jays between 1979-1992 and 1998.

Why do doves attack blue jays so much?

Blue jays may try to eat the dove's eggs, but otherwise, there is little interaction between the two birds.

How do blue jays behave?

Blue jays are noisy, aggressive birds.

What is the blue jays team mascot?

The blue jays mascot is Ace.

What city was the home for Canada's Blue Jays?

Toronto blue jays

Where did the Toronto Blue Jays originate?

The Toronto Blue Jays were founded in Toronto in 1977. The "Blue Jays" name originates from the bird of the same name. The team is nicknamed "the Jays".

What are eastern bluebirds natural enemies?

The eastern bluebirds has many natural enemies like snakes, falcon, cats and other predators. And the eggs can be eaten by jays and snakes and raccoons.

What are baby blue jays called?

a baby blue jays are called chick