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Natural silk comes from silk worms while artificial silk is made of cotton. Natural silk has a beautiful sheen to it. Go to the links and see this beautiful silk fabric.

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Q: What are the differences between natural silk and artificial silk?
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How is artificial silk different from natural silk?

Natural silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms; artificial silk is basically plastic.

Is silk natural or artificial?


What are the differences between art silk and cotton?

cotton is a natural fiber where as silk is not

Is silk artificial?

No, silk is a natural fibre.

What is the difference between artificial silk and natural silk?

Natural silk: a product from the larvae of the insect Bombyx mori. The chemical structure of the fiber is proteinic. Artificial silk: man made fibers from cellulose and derivatives, polyesters, etc.

Is silk a chemical?

Silk is a chemical: natural or artificial.

What is the difference when the artificial silk and when synthetic silk burn?

After natural burning of natural silk an ash remain and the smell is strong; the burning of artificial silk can be total.

What is the difference between artificial silk and pure silk?

pure silk comes from silk fibers artificial silk comes from fibers that soft and "feel silky".

Why artificial silk is much cheaper than natural silk?

Artificial silk is produced in mills and with synthetic fibres. Original silk is produced by the silk worms and it requires a lot of skill, labour and time. SO naturally the original silk is expensive than the artificial.

Silk nylon and wool are examples of what?

- Silk nylon is an artificial material.- Wool is a natural material.

What are the differences between cotton and silk?

silk is slippy and cotton is not

Why is artificial silk cheaper than natural silk?

Silk is important as it is made with very good threads.Its a hint. Now answer it yourself using simple logic.

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