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when we use the present continious we are sure that the action will happen --> Premeditation

and in the future continoous we are not sure ---> Umpremeditation

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Q: What are the differences between present continuous and future continuous?
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How many English tenses are there?

There are 12 main tenses in English: simple present, present continuous, present perfect, present perfect continuous, simple past, past continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous, simple future, future continuous, future perfect, and future perfect continuous.

What are the 14 English verb tenses?

The 14 English verb tenses are, present simple, present continuous, past simple, past continuous, present perfect, present perfect continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous, future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, conditional continuous, and conditional perfect.

How many tenses are there in English?

Technically, two (present and past) but commonly, we say there are 12: past simple present simple future simple past continuous present continuous future continuous past perfect present perfect future perfect past perfect continuous present perfect continuous future perfect continuous

What tense is the word coordinating?

This form of the verb can be used in more tenses: present participle, present continuous, past continuous, past perfect continuous, future perfect continuous, future continuous, present perfect continuous.

What are the Example of past future perfect continuous tense?

Present continuous: He is driving. Past continuous: He was driving. Future continuous: He will be driving. Present perfect continuous: He has been driving. Past perfect continuous: He had been driving. Future perfect continuous: He will have been driving.

Show all word tenses?

Present: show, Past: showed, Future: will show, Present Continuous: is showing, Present Perfect: has shown, Present Perfect Continuous: has been showing, Past Continuous: was showing, Past Perfect: had shown, Past Perfect Continuous: had been showing, Future Continuous: will be showing, Future Perfect: will have shown, Future Perfect Continuous: will have been showing.

What are the 6 forms of perfect tenses?

The 6 forms of perfect tenses are: present perfect, past perfect, future perfect, present perfect continuous, past perfect continuous, and future perfect continuous.

What are the eight tenses?

As far as I know all languages have aspects, which are past, present and future. Sadly, if you're learning (or teaching) English life is not that easy. The past aspect has 4 tenses: past simple past continuous past perfect past perfect continuous The present aspect has 4 tenses: present simple present continuous present perfect present perfect continuous The future aspect has 6: 'timetable' future 'diary' future 'going to' future future 'will' future perfect future perfect continuous But then you have the modals which talk about future possibilities / probabilities. I'm sure I haven't remembered everything but as you can see, eight doesn't even come close.

What are the six tenses of do?

The six tenses of "do" are: Present simple: I do Past simple: I did Future simple: I will do Present continuous: I am doing Past continuous: I was doing Future continuous: I will be doing

What is the continuous tense of excel?

Present continuos tense: am/is/are excelling Present perfect continuous: have/has been excelling Past continuous tense: was /were excelling Past perfect continuous: had been excelling Future continuous tense: will be excelling Future perfect continuous: will have been excelling

What is similar in present continuous and future tense?

There are no similarities.

The five verb tenses are present present perfect past past perfect and future what are they?

there are 12 verb tenses not only five. present, past, future. simple-- continuous--perfect-- perfect continuous.