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the difference between salt water and fresh water is that salt water is from the ocean and fresh water is water that hasn't gotten to the ocean and so the water is clean, And you can only drink fresh water not salt water

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Q: What are the differences between salt water and fresh water?
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What are 2 differences between salt water and fresh water?

there is salt in salt water and little salt in fresh water

Salt water and fresh water differences?

Salt water is basically just fresh water with salt mixed in.

What are the differences between between coral reefs and ponds?

Coral reefs are salt water Ponds are fresh water

Do gases dissolve in fresh or salt water faster?

I suppose that the dissolution is faster in fresh water but the differences are minimal.

What is the differences between sea and water?

the water has no salt and the sea water has salt

What is the difference between saltwater and rainwater?

Rain water is fresh water and does not have salt. Saltwater is not fresh and does have salt.

What is the difference between the densities of fresh water and salt water?

Salt water is denser than fresh water. Thus, it is easier to float in salt water.

What are the salinity differences of cold and warm water - fresh and salt water?

Fresh water tends to have no salt content. Fresh water is not ionized. Salt water is ionized with sodium chloride (salt). The average salinity of the oceans is roughly 35 ppt (parts per thousand).

Is a lakes fresh water or salt water?

its a mixed between fresh and salt it comes from a river but is also open to the sea so basically salt water

What is the difference between still water and salt water?

it has salt in it and flat water is fresh

What is a salt front?

A salt front is the interface between fresh and salt water.

What is the difference in salinity between salt water and fresh water environment?

To be blunt, salt water has a lot more salinity than fresh water.