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One of the main differences between the Palaeolithic and Neolithic periods was in the main methods people used to acquire food. In the Palaeolithic, anatomically modern humans and their ancestors were mainly nomadic hunter gatherers. By the Neolithic people had developed farming, allowing them to live in settlements such as villages and towns. Diet also changed as a result of people eating more cereals and other farmed crops.

Compared to the Neolithic, the Palaeolithic people had a far less complex technology. They used basic stone, bone and antler tools and developments such as art and other forms of "higher culture" only occur in the later stages of the Palaeolithic. Neolithic people mastered the use of many more types of raw material, notably clays to make pottery and the beginnings of metalworking. Exchange and trade networks were also comparatively more developed.

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Q: What are the differences between the Paleolithic Period and the Neolithic Period?
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What was the period between Paleolithic and Neolithic called?

The mesolithic period was between the paleolithic and neolithic.

What were the major differences between people who lived in the Paleolithic period and those who lived in Neolithic period?

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What were major differences between people who lived in the paleolithic period and those who lived in the Neolithic period?

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What is different between a Paleolithic and Neolithic?

Paleolithic refers to the Old Stone Age period of time, whereas neolithic refers to the New Stone Age period of time, which came afterwards.

How was neolithic period different from the Paleolithic period?

The biggest difference between the two periods was that the Neolithic period saw the advent of tools and implements; the first developments of technology. Paleolithic peoples did not use tools of any kind.

Was diseases worse in the Paleolithic or neolithic age?

it was worse in the Paleolithic time period.

What jobs did neolithic people have in the paleolithic and neolithic time period?

farmers and weapons maker

Which is not a period of prehistory Megalithic Mesolithic Neolithic Paleolithic?


Was the Stonehenge constructed before or after the Paleolithic Period?

After- it is a Neolithic monument

How was the Neolithic period diffrent from the Paleolithic period?

In the Paleolithic period, people survived by hunting and gathering only; in the Neolithic period people began to practice agriculture. Stone tools became more sophisticated in their design.

What are the differences between neolithic and Paleolithic civilizations?

It preceed the Mesolithic peroid,noted for it's flacked stone implements as well cave drawings.Ii followed the Magdalenian stage of Paleolithic,pertaining to the most advanced cultured stage of the Pale. period in Europe.

Is the Stone Age also called Paleolithic era?

No. The Paleolithic Period is part of the Stone Age. The Stone Age also includes the Mesolithic Period and the Neolithic Period.

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