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Corn can be almost any shade of red, brown, yellow, white, black, or blue. Some varieties can even be green.

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Q: What are the different colors of corn?
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What did the Pilgrims grow in their gardens?

corn all different colors too

How exactly are candy corns made?

Candy corn is the world re-known candy for Halloween and it comes in three different colors. These colors got on the candy together because its corn syrup.

What are the corn huskers colors?

There colors are red and white

What are original candy corn colors?

The original colors of Candy Corn are surprisingly white, orange and yellow, the colors have not changed sence they have started making it.

Why are the FFA colors blue and corn gold?

National Blue and Corn Gold

What makes Indian corn different from regular corn on the cob?

Originally, the term "Indian corn" referred to all varieties of maize discovered in the New World. This was later shortened to "corn". Now, "Indian corn" is used to refer to the multi-colored maize. Also, corn on the cob is usually the sweet corn variety. So, the difference is that the corn on the cob will taste sweeter and the Indian corn will come in multiple colors.

Is gm corn different than regular corn?

No, gm corn is not different than regular corn, not really anyway. Genetically modified corn is corn that does not come from an average corn seed.

What is the independent variable for the effect of different light colors on the growth of corn plants?

the answer is #swagification #justkidding The independent variable is the different colored light bulbs

How do humans see different wavelengths of light?

As different colors.As different colors.As different colors.As different colors.

What are the official FFA colors?

The offical FFA colors are national blue and corn gold

What are the official colors of the FFA?

National Blue and Corn Gold are the official FFA colors.

What is so unique about a corn snake?

there unique colors

How did the university of Iowa get there colors black and gold?

The gold stands for corn and the black is for dirt which corn grows in:)

Does current have different colors?

no, current did not have different colors

What do different colors mean?

what do different colors mean

Does corn have wheat in it?

No. Corn is Corn and Wheat is Wheat. Two different plants.

Does cow corn and sweet corn look different?

sweet corn is shorter

How colors enter in the world?

Colors enter the world by the sun. The rays are made of different colors but they have different tempetures so when they enter the world, they have different colors for different things.

Are there different types of corn?

Yes, field corn, sweet corn, popcorn, flint corn, and waxy corn are five types.

What causes different colors of fluorite?

Different impurities give it different colors.

Why are ladybugs different colors?

Ladybugs are different colors because they are different spices.

Can you use corn flour in place of corn starch in food items?

No, they're completely different things. Corn flour has a different texture than corn starch, too.

What are the ffa official colors?

National blue and corn gold

What do the colors of candy corn mean in religious way?


Is popcorn the same breed of corn as corn on the cob?

No. Corn-on-the-cob is sweet corn, which is genetically different from popcorn. Both are different from field corn used for livestock feed, and flint corn used for making corn chips. While they are all the same genus and species, Zea mays, they are different subspecies and cultivars.