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What are the different positions in football?


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Offensive positions: quarterback, runningback, receiver, tight end, center, guard, tackle. Un official positions also include halfback, fullback, and h-back.

Defensive positions: linebacker, safety, defensive back, d tackle, d end, nosegaurd. Additional positions: Nickle and dime d backs, inside and outside linebackers, strong and free safeties


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The positions in Arena Football are the same in NFL football

No there is not a diagram of offensive football positions. There are just the names of the offensive positions!

While there are 11 positions, there are different tactics you can play with. I just realized you might be talking about the USA football, I don't know mch about that.. ut the other football; keeper in the goal, defender, midfield players (right/left winger), striker (makes the goals)

the different positions of what?

they both use balls and you have got different positions in both sports

Every time a football game is played, there are 22 players on the field, each in different football positions. Even though it looks like many of the offensive players and defensive players are doing the same thing, there are distinctions between the different positions.

There are 11 positions in a football team

Click on the 'Position Diagram' link on this page to see a diagram of positions in the game of football.

One can find a list of football positions at football training guides that are available for free online. One could also ask a qualified football coach for more information.

There are no positions in either baseball or football with the same names for that position...i. e., there is no shortstop, catcher, etc. in football, nor is there a center, tackle, quarterback, etc. in baseball.

There are six positions: wing link middle middle link wing

yes, yes you can because college football is something like middle school football i play two positions runningback and safety

All positions in football are important, so I can't say.

Because of all te different positions you may get pushed into , you wouldn't want to pull any muscles or anything of that sort .

lineman, ranningback, center, O line, blockers, quarterback....i think theres more but that's all i no :)) <3

Well most sports require a decent cardiovascular system. However, football is more of a power sport. You need short, but powerful bursts of energy for that sport. Power is more important in football than cardio. Different positions require different attributes, but mostly power is the key.


American football more positions and better contact

In Oedipus Rex, different ethical positions and worldviews are represented by different characters.

The goalkeeper,defender,midfielder and forward are the four basic individual positions in the sport of Football(Soccer).

i think it stands for athlete and it is a recruiting term used to describe an athlete with multiple talents that could play different positions on the field

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