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There are over 1500 different cartirdges that are/have been made. Calibers run the range from .17 Hornady to the .700 Nitro express.

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Q: What are the different rifle calibers?
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What Rifle Calibers are legal in Mexico?

what calibers are legal in Mexico

What is rifle caliber on a Blackhawk Rifle CompStock Rem700BDL?

They were made in several calibers- will be marked on the barrel.

What is the difference between a crosman 101 and 100?

The model 100 is a .177 caliber air rifle. The model 101 is a .22 Caliber rifle. Basically the same air rifle just different calibers.

What size shells does a New England rifle use?

They are made in several different calibers. Look on the barrel to read caliber markings.

Winchester 22 rifle?

Winchester made many rifle models chambered in several .22 calibers.

How many center fire rifle calibers are there?

Well over 1000.

What rifle calibers are short action magnums?

300 RUM is one

What are the fast 30 rifle calibers?

300 Win Mag would be one.

How many versions of the m16 assult rifle are there?

You can have an AR 15 in one of 59 different calibers at last count. The M16 has at least 132 variants.

What are all the rifle calibers?

There is no way to give you a brief answer. ONE of my reference books on cartridges is about 2 inches thick, and THAT does not have all of them. Rifle cartridges have been as small as .17 caliber, and as large as .200 caliber. There are thousands of different rifle cartridges.

What round does a new m1 rifle take?

The M1 is currently made in a variety of calibers.

Affective range of a 30 caliber rifle carbine?

If you mean the US military cal 30 M1 Carbine, the effective range is about 300 yards. Other weapons will have different ranges (different calibers)

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