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there are four schools of jurisprudence they are analytical school of jurisprudence, physiological school of jurisprudence, sociological school of jurisprudence and historical school of jurisprudence.

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According to Cheesesman (2006), there are seven Schools of Jurisprudential Thought as follows:

1. The Natural Law School emphasizes a moral theory of law.

2. The Historical School believes that changes in societal norms will be reflected in the law

3. The Analytical School emphasizes the application of logic to the facts in each case.

4. The Sociological School proponents are realists, believing that laws are a tool to shape social behavior and looking upon precedence with disfavor.

5. The Command School believes that, rather than being a reflection of current social norms, laws are enforced by the ruling party to maintain their power structure.

6. The Critical legal Studies School, which views laws as a barrier used by the powerful to maintain the status quo, rather than applying arbitrary rules of what is fair.

7. The Law and Economics School, which promotes market efficiency as the central goal of legal decisions

Reference: Jurisprudential Thought, (Nov. 2010)

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natural school of jurisprudence potrays law as what is fair jus and right,

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Q: What are the different schools of jurisprudence?
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