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What are the different types of motherboard?


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There are four types of motherboards, which is the main circuit board of a computer. There are XT motherboards, AT motherboards, baby AT motherboards, and ATX motherboards.

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It depends on the motherboard. There are many different types.

types of pc motherboard name

The different types of computer architecture makes it important to have different types of RAM that suit them. The architecture may be on the number of bits that the motherboard supports.

There are too many types of motherboards, you must be more specific. MTX and mini ATX

You might see many different bus types on a motherboard today in 2014. Four of the most common include the PCI, ATA, USB, FireWire, and SATA.

Two common types of motherboard are ATX and Micro-ATX. An ATX motherboard is much larger and allows for additional hardware to be installed.

At the time of writing, there are several types of RAM, which are quite different. This means that they normally cannot be used on the same motherboard - they are not compatible.

RAM slots. These vary from motherboard to motherboard because there are different types of RAM out there. These include DDR, DDR2, DDR3, SDRAM, and much more. A person must be careful not to mix these different types together because it might kill the RAM slot itself, or even the whole motherboard.

The Z9PE-D8 WS is a type of socket that will work with an Asus motherboard. These motherboards can be purchased from all good repair electronic stores.

Via a bus. There are different types, such as AGP, PCI, PCI-E, FSB.

Each motherboard can only take specific types of RAM. Don't try and force the wrong type into the slot. It will damage the hardware.

There are many different kinds of RAM. Ram is not related to the operating system. It is related to the motherboard. You need RAM that is compatible with your motherboard. When you do that XP or any other operating system will run.

The form factor is the size, shape and layout of the motherboard...The different types areATX (industry standard)BTXITXExtended ATX (Server type board)MTX

Main Memory in Motherboard i.e. SIMMs, Cache Memory are called as Primary Storage Units.

Depends on where you purchased your computer and/or your motherboard from.

Motherboard and Monitor

1-standard sound cards 2-external sound adapters 3-motherboard sound chips

there are five types of buses on motherboard. which are follows: 1)PCI 2)AGP 3)ISA 4)USB 5)FSB

The system unit is the part of the computer that holds the motherboard, power supply and storage. The different types of system units are desktop, tower, mini-tower and notebook.


That depends on what kind of motherboard.

what are the oldest 4 types of motherboards

You can only put different types (SDR_SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, etc...) in your computer if your motherboard supports the slots needed for them. Generally, if you have two types installed, one type will not be usable. You can use RAM modules of different speeds, as long as your Front Side Bus can run at the speed of the lowest module you put in. You can use different brands and capacities of RAM on your motherboard without any real issues.

whatare the types of motherboards classified as intel or amd?

A motherboard can have more than one bus and each using a different protocols.

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