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What are the different types of skin preparation prior to surgery?


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December 12, 2010 2:34PM


1. Lateral Thoracoabdominal Preparation- The area includes axilla, chest, and abdomen from the neck to crest of theillium. Area extends beyond the midline, anteriorly and posteriorly. Patient is inlateral position on the operating table.

2. Abdominal preparation- The area includes breast line to upper third of thights, from the table line,with patient in supine position. Shaded area shows anatomic area of hair removal.

3. Chest and Breast Preparation- The area includes shoulder, upper arm down to elbow, axilla and chest wallto the table line beyond sternum to opposite shoulder. The patient may be in lateralposition.

4. Knee and Lower Leg Preparation- The area includes the entire circumference of affected leg and extends fromfoot to upper part of thigh.

5. Rectoperineal and Vaginal Preparation- The area includes pubis, vulva, labia, perineum, anus, and adjacent areasincluding inner aspects of upper thigh.

6. Hip Preparation- The area includes the abdomen on the affected side, thigh to the knees,buttock to table line, groin, and pubis.