What are the different types of totem poles?

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Well it mostly depends on what culture you are talking about. If it happens to be Native American totem poles then that is easy. Each totem pole represents some kind of character trait. For example: the eagle totem pole would represent wisdom. The bear totem pole represents bravery. And the wolf totem pole would represent leadership.
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What is a totem pole?

it's one of the most well rocognized symbols of the Northwest Coast. They were used to tell stories. They had carved animals, that families beleived were their ancestors, and from whom they got their clan names.

What are totem poles for?

Nobody knows where totem poles originated from, because there is no solid recorded evidence. All we can do is guess when they were first made. Many different cultures made totem poles, not just Native Americans. While poles made by Native American tribes are the most famously known, the Mayans, A ( Full Answer )

What are tiki totem poles made of?

Tiki Totem Poles are made from large trees. A tiki is a largewooden carving in humanoid form. They set the boundaries of sacredand significant sites.

What tribes made totem poles?

Only 6 Northwest Indian tribes produced totem poles. The Tlingittribe, the Haida tribe, the Bella Coola tribe, the Kwakiutl tribe,the Tsimshian tribe, and the West Coast tribe.

Why do they make totem poles?

A totem pole served as the emblem of a family or clan, its unity, the rights to which people in each clan were entitled, and as a reminder of each clan's link to a spirit-ancestor. Totem poles are an ancient tradition of the Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest Coast--Washington state in the USA, ( Full Answer )

Where was the first totem pole made?

They were first created in the Pacific Northwest. They arecenturies old, and it is unknown who exactly began making them.They commemorate things such as historical stories, ancestors, andevents.

When were totem poles invented?

Nobody knows where totem poles originated from or exactly when, because there is no solid recorded evidence. All we can do is guess when they were first made. Many different cultures made totem poles, not just Native Americans. While poles made by Native American tribes are the most famously know ( Full Answer )

Did Ojibwa people have totem poles?

The Anishinabe (Ojibwe) people did not carve Totem as totem poles are most well know. Artists did beadwork, birchbark boxes and baskets and dreamcatchers. The clan (totemic system) was used however. Of the original 5 clans there are now more than 21, represented by various symbolic animals such as ( Full Answer )

What are totem poles used for?

For the native Americans to dance around and also a place to tell stories and to learn about their ancestry. The carvings on some totem poles told stories or the Indians put them out to scare off their enemies.

How is the totem pole made?

Erection of a totem pole is almost never done using modern methods, even for poles installed in modern settings on the outside of public and private buildings. Instead the traditional ceremony and process of erection is still followed scrupulously by most artists, in that a great wooden scaffold is ( Full Answer )

What do the animals mean on a totem pole?

Bear - Watcher, guardian of the world, giver of great strength of body, courage and power of will. Buffalo - Possesses great strength. Cat - It is a good hunter and very independent. Coyote - It is a crazy trickster bearing tidings of sacred msichief. Crow - Justice. Deer - Compassion Do ( Full Answer )

What do the animals on a totem pole mean?

I have read elsewhere that the Raven and the Beaver are very common on totem poles and the majority of totem poles are topped by a bird: raven, eagle, or thunderbird. Thunderbird: Thunderbird is the most powerful supernatural creature. He lived in the mountains and fed on whales. When he flappe ( Full Answer )

What were totem poles used for?

the carvings on some totem poles told stories or the indians put them out to scare off their enimies . -Tricia your answer friend

Why do you have totem poles?

They are still used to indicate family lines whose attributes are associated with the animals carved.

Why did they have totem poles?

Totem pole meanings vary based on the cultures of the people whomade them. Many tell stories, celebrate cultural beliefs, but mostare just artistic.

Totem poles are for?

The meanings of the designs on totem poles are as varied as the cultures that make them. Totem poles may recount familiar legends, clan lineages, or notable events. Some poles celebrate cultural beliefs, but others are mostly artistic presentations. House front poles were meant to show the shame of ( Full Answer )

Why arer totem called totem poles?

"Totem" is a native word from the eastern woodlands region of North America that was taken into English and incorrectly applied by white people to the "totem poles" made by natives on the Pacific north-west coast. In the Natick language of Massachusetts, the word wuhtotae or wuhtotu means a ( Full Answer )

What are the different parts of a totem pole?

Totems poles were built in three sections and the position of thefigures were significant. The bottom of the totem pole displayedimages and symbols of the most prominent and visible position. Thetop of the totem pole displayed mythical creatures and monsters.

What type of animals are on totem poles?

there are lots of different animals on a totem pole, however the most common ones are bird e.g: hulks and birds that are strong. Also bears are used quit a lot. :)

What do the different carvings on totem poles represent?

That depends on the culture or tribe who is doing the carving. The carvings can represent family ancestry, legends, monumenal events. These totem poles were never objects of worship for the the Native Americans, merely a public record of sorts.

What are names for totem pole what does it mean?

Do you mean possible names, translations, or definitions for"totem pole"? TRANSLATION(S) FOR TOTEM POLE: - Italian: palo di totem - Japanese: トーテム ポール - Greek: πόλο τοτέμ - Spanish: Tótem - Korean: 토템 기둥 - German: T ( Full Answer )

What were the Iroquois totem poles of?

OMG they didn't have totem poles! Whoever asked this Q is out of their mind! You should blush! :-* that i the kiss sign its supposed to be some1 blushing! GET IT????? Oooh people r reatards!

Why are animals on totem poles?

Animals are used on totem poles to show meanings such as; a eagle represents honor, and a bear represents pride

Where is the tallest totem pole at today?

According to the Guieness book of world records: The tallest totem pole is "Spirit of Lekwammen" at 180 feet 3 inches tall, located at Victoria British Columbia.

Did the Apache make totem poles?

a short answer is yes but the beater answer is it depends witch of the four parts of Apache tribe you are talking about the inouiet the intasha the iabeak or the enkera

What are totem pole animals and their meaning?

every animal on the totem pole represented a new way of life or tribe. in order to find out what animal was specific to which trait, you must check a different website.

Do totem poles have to wings?

Some of them do, depending on what legend they are based on. If the legend is about a bird, then the totem pole could have wins on it.

Did the Chipewyan have totem poles?

not sure....check the other websites...but probably no, beacause they didn't have anything to do with totem poles...

How did the totem pole get its name?

The "story pole" is misnamed a "totem' pole due to a misunderstanding of its purpose by the settlers when they first encountered them. A 'totem' is a natural object or animal believed by a particular society to have spiritual significance and adopted by it as an emblem. Which is a very paternalis ( Full Answer )

What do totems on totem poles represent?

These poles are more correctly known as "story poles" and were personal to the carver and their family. The creatures represented related to the life of the carver and his beliefs. ------ While totem poles do tell stories, they also represent a clan's crest, social rank, and affiliation. Totem ( Full Answer )

Did Seneca make totem poles?

No and yes. Traditional totem poles were made by various Northwest Coast tribes in what are now Alaska and British Columbia. However, after the totem pole became famous among Anglo-Americans, many non-Northwest Coast tribes made totem poles that appeared at tourist attractions all over Canada and th ( Full Answer )

Why are there not many old totem poles?

Indians, or should i say native Americans, practiced the art of totem pole making for hundreds, if not thousands of years. when they encountered Europeans, however, the natives saw metal tools and it became easier to make the totem poles, allowing them to increase in size. The reason that there aren ( Full Answer )

What are the totem poles?

Totelm poles is a wooden large tree (pillars) that are carved to serve as an emblem for a family or clan. Totem poles tell interesting stores about the legends, notable events and clan lineages.

Who created the first totem pole?

Some Native American with time on their hands and a history to share with their neighboring friends and family.

What does the word totem mean from totem pole?

Totem is a word from the languages of eastern North America that was taken into English and incorrectly applied to those west coast poles. It comes from the Algonquian languages: Ojibwe nindoodem (my clan), odoodemi (to belong to a clan), odoidaymiwan (clan system); Mik'maq aoutem (family ( Full Answer )

How do you get the smurfs totem pole?

After the version 1.1.8 update, the Smurfs developers have added decorative items including the Totem Pole. You should be able to obtain this item as you would any other decorative piece in the game.

Who else used totem poles?

Totem poles were limited just to the far north-west coast region and especially to the area of Vancouver Island. Totem poles are a very specific kind of monument with significance only to the Pacific north-west cultural region. Many people are confused about the term totem pole and apply it indis ( Full Answer )

What does the mosquito on a totem pole mean?

The mosquito may seem for some to be an unfortunate or unwelcometotem assignment. The most important thing to remember about suchconcepts is that the designation flows from the same essential lifeforce that reveals the intrinsic beauty of the full expression ofnature herself. The misquito as an ico ( Full Answer )

What do Huron totem poles symolize?

There is no such thing as a Huron totem pole. Totem poles were confined to the tribes of the far north-west coast, particularly in the area of Vancouver. The Huron and many other woodlands tribes erected other types of poles for many reasons - but none are totem poles. They served as burial groun ( Full Answer )