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There are no dimensions in a oreo cookie because it is round. You can find dimensions in squares, By measuring length times width for its Area, And measuring all four sides and adding them up equals perimeter.


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Oreo, there is also mint oreo, turtle oreo, peanut butter oreo, strawberry oreo

An Oreo brother is a friend that would give you his last Oreo.

Well, they are always coming out with more, but here are the flavors that we know about:Banana Split OreoBanana Split Creme OreoBerry Burst OreosBirthday Cake OreoBirthday Cake Oreo - Fudge Dipped VanillaBlueberry Ice Cream OreoBlueberry Pie OreosBrownie Batter OreoCandy Cane Oreo / Peppermint OreoCandy Corn OreoCaramel Apple OreoChoco Chip OreosChocolate and Dulce de leche OreoChocolate Berry Creme OreoChocolate Cookie Dough CremeChocolate OreoChocolate Peanut Butter Creme OreoCinnamon Bun OreosCoconut Delight OreoCookie Dough OreoCookies & CremeCool Mint Creme OreoCotton Candy OreoCreamsicle OreoDouble Delight Oreo (have two-flavor fillings: peanut butter and chocolate, mint and cream, coffee and cream, orange and mango, raspberry and blueberry, grape and peach)DQ Blizzard Creme OreoFilled Cupcake OreosFruit Punch OreoFruity Crisp OreosFudge Cremes Mint OreoGingerbread OreoGreen Tea OreoIce Cream Rainbow Shure, Bert! OreoKey Lime Pie OreosLemon OreoLemon Ice OreoLemon Twist OreoLimeade OreoMarshmallow Crispy CremeMatcha-flavored Oreos (can't write the Japanese characters)Neapolitan Triple Double OreoOrange Ice Cream OreoPeanut Butter OreoPeanut Butter Oreo Fudge CremesPrime Berry Cream OreoPumpkin Spice OreoPure Milk Chocolate Covered Mint OreoRed Velvet OreoReese's Peanut Butter Cup OreoRoot Beer FloatS'Mores OreoSpongeBob OreoStrawberry Creme OreoStrawberry Milkshake Creme OreoStrawberry Shortcake OreosSwedish Fish OreoToasted Coconut OreoTriple Double OreosWatermelon OreoWhite Fudge OreosThey also do Oreos with a variety of colors of creme, but the same flavor as normal, for holidays, seasons, and promotions. They have done red, blue, yellow, orange, green, etc.They also sometimes have Oreos in different shapes, for instance Football Oreos, shaped like Footballs.

my favourite type of oreo is just the normal oreo haha

Because Oreo is a proper noun, it should be Oreo in any language.

the oreo was made in 1912

Oreo is a solid dessert.

You ate an Oreo cookie. since there is a vowel in the start of "Oreo" there needs to be a consonant. for example an instead of a.

The Oreo was introduced in 1912

Oreo Originated in 1912.

Who is the girl in the oreo advert?

The cast of Oreo - 2011 includes: Keke Palmer as Oreo

Oreos were introduced in 1912 by Nabisco. They were originally called Oreo Biscuits but later in 1921 it was changed to Oreo Sandwich then in 1937 to Oreo Creme Sandwich.

The Oreo cookie was introduced in 1912.

Oreo is not a who. It is a type of chocolate biscuit with delicious cream.

The Oreo cookie was first produced in 1912.

Oreo cookies were introduced in 1912.

Yes oreo cookie is black

Yes oreo cookie is brown

natural resources in oreo cookiess

Spiky oreo was created in 1906.

Smooth oreo was created in 1906.

Oreo O's was created in 1998.

the oreo position is 2 black men and a white man/girl in the middle having sexuall intercourse it is called the oreo position because it makes an oreo colour

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