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What are the dimensions of the lane in tenpin bowling?

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First Answer:

The distance from the beginning of the approach to the foul line

must be at least 15 feet. From the foul line to the center of the

#1 pin spot is 60 feet with a tolerance of 1/2 inch allowed. From

the center of the #1 pin spot to the beginning of the pit is 2

feet, 10 3/16 inches.

Second Answer:

Lane Length - From foul line to the pit, it is 62 feet 10

3/16 inches (not including the tail plant).

Lane Width - the lane width from beginning to end is 41-42

inches (usually counted as 41.5 inches). Including the channels

(gutters) the lane must be between 60 inches and 60 1/4


Approach - from the foul line to the beginning of the

approach, the length cannot be less than 15 feet.

Pin Spacing - Each pin must be 12 inches from each other

center of pin to center of pin.

A Baby Split- the pins are 25.5 inches away from each


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