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Q: What are the disadvantages of APO-escitalopram medicine?
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What is disadvantages of medicine?

The disadvantages of medicine are that all medicines will not suit you, and many cause reactions to other medicine taken.The other thing is people use it for drug purpose as well.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of biodiversity in medicine?

Provides 3 billion people with their medicine requirements.

Advantages and disadvantages of orlis medicine?

is it good for health

What are the disadvantages of using morden medicine?

your penis will fall off

Advantages and disadvantages of modern medicine How it is different from alternate means of medicine?

Advantages of modern medicine: Faster action due to antibiotics and steriods, surgery Disadvantages of modern medicine: Lots of grave side effects including deaths Different from alternate medicines: It is anti-pathy while most of the alternative medicines is pro-pathy.

Disadvantages of unani medicine?

Unani medicine is considered a traditional practice in medicine in India. The disadvantages would be a matter of opinion. The issue is trust because India's government considers the practice to be legit medical care. America however does not consider the alternative practice of Unani to be legit medical care.

What are the disadvantages of synthetic medicine?

There can be disadvantages to synthetic medications. The first regard the possibility of long-term toxicity, side-affects and contraindications. Secondly, pharmaceutical waste contaminate water supplies with environmental and health effects yet to be fully understood.

What are the disadvantages of gamma telescopes?

Gamma radiation is very penetrant and is used in medicine, nondestructive testing, etc.

Is it better to do post-graduate work in anesthesia or general medicine?

It depends on you !! Personally I voted for Anesthesia and I'm not sorry, but each has its advantages & disadvantages.

Merits and demerits of ayurveda system of medicine?

ayurveda has many advantages and it has many disadvantages to... slowresult,restrictions on diet,coastly

What are the advantages and disadvantages of medicine?

Modern medicine has many advantages and disadvantages. Medicine can really help a lot of people, and alleviate the suffering of millions of people. Unfortunately, medicine can also have a lot of nasty side effects, and some can damage organs if taken long-term. There are many advantages/disadvantages of treating a patient with Ayurevdic medicine vs. western medicine. However, sometimes western medicine may have an immediate efficacy whereas Ayurevedic medicine may take longer. There are pros and cons in both directions, however as a general rule Ayurevedic medicine should be the first choice if non-emergency.

Advantages and disadvantages of medicine using?

There are so many advantages and disadvantages of using medicine. The advantages include treatment of medical conditions and reducing pains. As for the disadvantages, the chemical ingredients may harm some of the organs in the body which ends up creating total dependence on the medicine.