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if you aren't paying attention, you don't know when it ran out

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Q: What are the disadvantages of an hourglass?
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The hourglass dolphin is called an hourglass dolphin because its black and white markings resemble an hourglass!

What was the hourglass used for?

An hourglass was used as a timer, with the size of the hourglass determining the length of time it measured.

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How do you you make a hourglass in alxemy?


How do make a hourglass in alxemy?


How do you make hourglass in alxemy?

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How many seconds are in a hourglass

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What are the disadvantages of a sand clock?

An hourglass is a short-term timepiece, it can’t use for a long time It can't be calibrated, so that is so hard to tell others the accurate time Hourglass had to be on flat surfaces in order to work properly

How do you make an hourglass in almexy?

sand+ glass =one hourglass

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