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Q: What are the disadvantages of using a belfry tower?
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What are the bad points in using a belfry tower?

being a nan

What is another name for a bell tower?


What is a bell tower?

A bell tower is a tower in which a bell or set of bells is hung - especially a belfry.

What does a belfry tower do?

It houses the bell that is used to summon the neighborhood/village.

How many bells does the Belfry Tower have in Belgium 47 or 49?


What do you call the bell tower in a church starting with the letters be?

The word is belfry.

What is a high tower on a church is called what?

The Steeple. The belfry is where the bells are housed.

What is a belfry tower used for?

Usually a tower in a church with bell(s) in. It was/is used to inform people of events like weddings.

What is a belfry?

A belfry is an old word for what we typically call a bell tower. Both amount to the same thing: a tower or other location where you would find the building's bells. The most common way one hears the word is the idiom "Bats in the Belfry", which is an old idiom to indicate one's head is rather a mess and therefore the person is implied to be crazy (picture this; the bells start ringing, scaring the bats and causing them to panic; that bell tower is going to be quite hectic for a while).

How does a Belfry Tower work?

It works by the bell at the top of the castle and rings and rings and rings.......

What is the bell tower of a church called?

The main structure is a bell tower. Where the bells are housed at the very top of the bell tower is known as the belfry.

Who lived at the big ben?

the belfry of the Clock Tower at the Palace of Westminster