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You only get energy while the sun is shining.

You get fairly little energy for each unit of surface area, so to get useful amounts you need big collectors.

If you want to get electricity from the sun, the solar cells are quite expensive.

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Q: What are the disadvantages of using this solar energy?
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What are the disadvantages of using wind energy and solar energy?

Solar energy is not available when the day is cloudy.Wind energy is not available when wind is not blowing.

What are some disadvantages about using solar energy?

Initial costneed to store energy for times of no Sun

What are the disadvantages of using hydroelectricityand solar energy?

expensivenot aways reliable100% energy cannot be harnessed

Disadvantages of heat?

The disadvantages of heat are that if there is no solar energy, then there is no heat.

What are the disadvantage of solar energy distillation?

what are disadvantages of solar distillation

What are some disadvantages of using hydro-electricity and solar energy?

Not many disadvantages. They are both reliant on continuous supply, so hydro power won't work without rain, and solar energy won't work if the sun doesn't shine.

What are the disadvantages for using solar energy to generate electricity?

It is currently the most expensive major energy technology.It is currently the most expensive major energy technology.

Why is the ability to produce solar energy is limited?

disadvantages of solar energy opposed to fossil fuel?

What energy do you get from the solar system?

That depends on what you are using to capture energy, if you are using solar panels to get it, then you are converting solar energy into electrical energy.

What are the advantages and drawbacks of using solar energy?

Advantages of using solar energy are pollution-free, noise-free, on installation it produces free energy, clean and renewable. Disadvantages include high cost, energy dependent on sunlight exposure, power stations are expensive to build and devices powered by solar energy cannot be used at night.

What are the disadvantages and disadvantages for solar energy?

it is environment friendly. But, the solar cells need service and repair time to time

What energy occurs when using a solar oven?

solar energy