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Endocrine System Disorders:
Seasonal affective disorder
Cushing's Syndrome
Congenital Hypothyroidism
Diabetes Insipidus
Addison's Disease
Grave's Disease

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Q: What are the diseases that affect the endocrine system?
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What are the diseases can affect the endocrine system?

Diabetes and thyroid disease effects the endocrine system significantly. Each of these diseases have an effect on hormone levels, which is an indication of endocrine system issues.

What is The study of diabetes mellitus called?

Diabetes mellitus is a disorder of the endocrine system. The study of this body system, and diseases that affect the endocrine system, is referred to as endocrinology.

How does ecstasy affect your endocrine system?

it doen't affect the endocrine system

What diseases have to do with the endocrine system?


What is the specialist in diseases of the endocrine system?

That would be an endocrinologist.

Can the endocrine system affect cells?

Yes, the endocrine system can affect cells. By secreting hormones into the bloodstream, the endocrine system sends chemical messengers to cells that alter their function.

Does a stroke affect the nervous or endocrine system how stroke affects the endocrine system?

A stroke may affect the endocrine system if it damages brain tissue involved in endocrine function. For instance, a stroke may affect the tissues critical to the function of the hypothalamus or pituitary gland.

How does marijuana affect the endocrine system?

it doesn't

Diseases of endocrine system?

The hormone imbalance (or endocrine disease/condition) can affect your health in many ways, and some endocrine system diseases/conditions are more serious than others. Some of them are Diabetes growth disorders hormone abuse osteoporosis pitutary disorders like gigantism Addison disease Cushing syndrome Goitre etc.

Endocrinology refers to the study of what?

Endocrinology is the study of the endocrine system and its diseases. The endocrine system is the type of system in the body that is made up of glands and the hormones they secrete.

How does diabetes affect endocrine system?

it effects the endocrine system because of the high blood sugar that diabetes offers

How does lung cancer affect the endocrine system?


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