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What are the down sides of buying a condo?

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Condo 'downsides'

There are a few:

  • Having to abide by the conditions, covenants, rules and restrictions, and other governing documents, enforced by the association board, which could include restrictions on:
  • Pets/ Plants/ Exterior colors/styles/shutters/window types/lights; Number of visitors allowed at a time; Potentially limited parking spaces
  • Escalating monthly assessments, and potential special assessments, usually a one-time assessment to pay for a major repair, such as exterior siding replacement, new paving, new roof, etc.
  • Possible lack of privacy, depending on soundproofing.

Check on the age of the property, and hire a condominium-savvy building inspector who can spot potentially costly needed maintenance. Obtain the last 3-5 years of budgets and assessments history and board meeting minutes, in order to make an informed decision about how well-funded reserves are, the status of the reserve study, the financial audits and so forth, on-going issues and so forth.

Attend a board meeting if at all possible to see how the Board and owners work together.

It could be a positive living experience if the condominium community is well run, and you share values and life styles.
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Are there any condos for sale in Florida?

An overview of information regarding condo docs and HOA in Florida. Vacation Homes Florida for sale. A resale condo and fifteen days when buying a new condo in Florida.

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What are the steps involved in buying a condo?

Condo can be bought for residential as well as business purpose. Having your own private residential area can be very beneficial but before buying, take a close look at the surrounding area and the facilities nearby as they will influence your living as well as any other purpose for which you are buying it including, reselling and business. Call +65 6100 7722 for sales enquiry now.

How long is the typical process to finance a condo?

The typical length of process to finance a condo when buying in Florida is about one month and fifteen days but the application to obtain a condo should be made within three to five days. Actually, it really depends on the circumstances and in which state one is in.

Who would be interested in buying a condo?

Buying a condo in Singapore can be a wonderful thing. Investing in real estate is a good source of income as well as better home and residential option. Parc Greenwich Singapore has the best one to five bedroom homes to buy from. Visit Parc Greenwich @ Yio Chu Kang Road In Sengkang District 27 for booking your condo now.

Does one need a realtor to purchase a Milwaukee condo?

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Can a Veteran obtain a VA Mortgage Loan to purchase a condo on the ocean with 1/3rd down payment?

Can a Veteran obtain a VA Mortgage Loan to purchase a condo on the ocean with one-third down payment?

How would you obtain a copy of condo bylaws for a place you are looking into buying?

ANSWER: Ask the realtor who is selling the property or somebody from the Homeowners' Association.

Different kinds of homes?

bungalow,up and down ,condo type, bahay kubo,

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Yes, rental housing will add up in the long run.

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Why are condos so cheap?

With a house, you typically buy the entire structure and the property it sits on. With a condo, you are simply buying the walls, ceiling and floor around you.

What is involved when inquiring about a condo loan?

When inquiring about a condo loan a person needs to know what they want to spend, what features they desire in the condo and where they want the condo to be located.

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Condo property management can be found from websites such as Condo Inc and All Property Management. Another example of a website is Condo Association Management.

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