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An Academic Coordinator is responsible for the delivery, maintenance and development of assigned programs and courses of study in his/her discipline within his/her Centre. An Academic Coordinator's professional activities shall include the following elements: course delivery, program and course development, and, university committee and administrative duties as detailed in the sections which follow. An Academic Coordinator's activities for a given contract year will combine whatever subset of these activities is considered appropriate, given the university's unique mandate, the needs of its program and course development priorities, and the criteria for satisfactory performance and promotion as laid down in the Terms and Conditions Agreement. These combinations and their appropriateness are to be the subject of annual discussion in an attempt to reach a written agreement between the Academic Coordinator, Chair or Director and the VPA, and embody appropriate consultation and discussion with members of the various centres and program directors.

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1) is to maintain the cleanliness of the dormitory

2) to implement the rules and regulation

3) to report any untoward incident of worker

4}communicate to supperior of any activities

5}to have a good relation with staff

6] to keep company record files

7} availability during some emergency calls

8} follow up if any

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to co-ordinate sudents.

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Q: What are the duties of dormitory coordinator?
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