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What are the effects of Malaria?

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Chills, profuse sweating, weakness, loss of appetite, kidney failure & possible coma. It still kills about a million people annually.

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What are some positive effects on malaria?

what are the positive effects of malaria

What are long term effects of infection from p falciparum malaria?

the effects of malaria are youll be very tired and weak

What are the effects of malaria on pregnant women and her unborn child?


What are the affects of malaria?

family effects on malaria can cause bad dammage in the way you live. if your mum or dad works and they catch malaria it can stop you from getting money to help support your family.

What is roxidolin use for and what are its side effects?

For treating bacteria such as acne ,malaria etc

What is Lariago?

you treat malaria with Lariago, its a drug how long dose it take what are the side effects

How much does malaria vaccine cost?

There is no malaria vaccine. There are malaria prophylactics you can take that can prevent the bug from taking hold. You need to strat treatment before the exposure and keep it up a while after leaving the risk area. They can have quite nasty side effects.

What were the effects of malaria and yellow fever on the construction of the panama canal?

Yellow Fever and Malaria had a detrimental affect on the construction of the Panama Canal. Many workers had been hospitalized and died because of it.

What is the side effects of malaria drugs?

i don't know so tell google to get some good websites

What is the treatment for malaria?

The treatment for malaria depends with the type of malaria. There are two types of malaria: mild malaria and severe malaria. The severe malaria requires intravenous (IV) drug treatment and fluids in the hospital while mild malaria requires oral medication.

What in mosquitoes causes malaria?

Malaria causes Malaria... Idiot.

I have bitterness in the mouth after a dose of malaria medication should I be worried?

Don't worry, this is normal. The side effects of malaria medication is bitter taste (which can be reduced with water and food), nausea, headache and skin itching. The side effects will pass. It's just a small annoyance you have to pay in return for not contracting a deadly disease.

What potential long term effects could typhoid malaria have on the development of a child?

Some of the long-term effects of typhoid are: Gastrointestinal bleeding Intestinal perforation Infections Psychiatric problems

What are the effects of malaria drugs on pregnant women?

You can use several meds against malaria when you are pregnant. Consult your doctor which ones. In general pregnant women are advised not to go to areas where there's malaria since they run a higher risk to get it more severe. So if you have to go taking the meds is safer then if you would actually get malaria. The attacks involve high fever and cramps and they come fast.

Does yeast cause malaria?

Yeast does not causes malaria. Malaria is caused by protozoa.

A few harmful effects of protozoans?

As they are Parasitic they are harmful for our body. Some of them cause diseases like malaria etc., - which is bad for our health.

What age does malaria occur childhood?

It effects all ages especially pregnant women, children under five , and unborn children.

Is malaria a protist?

Malaria is a protist

What do malaria tablets do?

Give you malaria.

Does South Africa suffer of malaria?

Yes, 3.73 million on average have malaria. Any country where mosquitos with the malaria virus are, you get malaria.

Does ciliates cause malaria?

The ciliates do not cause malaria. Malaria is caused by protozoa. They have pseudopodia.

What is the parasite that causes malaria?

The cause of malaria is an infection with a malaria parasite. There are several types of malaria parasites, each belonging to the genus Plasmodium.

Why is it difficult so develop a vaccine for malaria?

because there are different number of species with different effects that they can cause, therefore it is harder to develop a vaccine for it

Is quinine an antibiotic?

No quinine is more for malaria. It is an anti-protozoal. Mixing antibiotics with quinine is not the best idea. It increases antibiotics side effects.

Is malaria a viral infection?

No, Malaria is a parasite.

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