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What are the effects of electric current?

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current has five effects. 1. physical effects

2. xray effects

3. heating effects

4. chemical effects

5.magnetic effects.

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What is the chemical effect of electric current?

The passage of an electric current through a conducting liquid causes chemical reactions.The resulting effects are called chemical effects of electric current

What are the 4 effects of electricity?

there are not 4 but 3 effects of electric current - heating effect, magnetic effect and chemical effect of electric current

Adventages of heating effects of electric current?

Just heaters and fuses.

What effects of electric current is involved in the fuse breaking?

Heating Effect.

Advantages and disadvantanges of heating effect of electric current?

heating effects of electric currents are usefull in ovens ,electric toaster and microwaves

What are the main effects produced by the flow of current in an electrical circuit?

There are three effects produced by an electric current:heating effectmagnetic effectchemical effect

How does Galvani's experiment help us to understand the effects of an electric current on humans?

he is awesome

What is impedance-?

Impedance is the effective resistance of an electric current to the alternating current that arises from the combined effects of ohmic reactance and resistance.

What can be produced by electrical current in a simple circuit?

There are three effects produced by an electric current:heating effectmagnetic effectchemical effect

What are the similars of motors and generators?

The similarity between electric motor and electric generator is that 1)they work on the magnetic effects of electric current. 2) They both have the armatures to rotate the loop.

Practical application of heating effects of electric current?

Applications of the heating effect of electric current include appliances like electric immersion water heater, electric iron box, etc. An electric fuse is an example for the application of heating effect of electric current.Fan home heaters Oil home heatersAir dryersMost kitchen ovensToaster ovenToasterElectric blanket

Enlist any four effects of electric current on conductor with one example of each?

Effects of an Electric current -1) Heating effect -e.g. - Heater / Geyser etc.2) Magnetic effect -e.g. - Electric Bell etc.3) Chemical effect -e.g. - Battery charging etc.4) Lighting effect -e.g. - Electric bulb etc.

What can plotting compasses be used for?

To show the field lines of a magnet as well as the magnetic effects of electric current.

How does Luigi Galvani's experiment help us understand the effects of an electric current on humans?

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Name Any two effects of electric current?

Electromagnetism and ( through a proper resistant material ) Heat.

The pathway of an electric current follows?

electric current

What is the conclusion of electric current?

conclusion of electric current

Two main parts of an electric current?

the first main of electric current is ___________ the second main of electric current is___________ that is the two main part of electric current

How do you use Electric Current in a sentence?

The light bulb creates light when electric current flows through the filament. Electric current is the movement of charges. It takes electric current to run an electric motor.

What does an electric current Carry?

Electric current carries electric charge. Actually to say it in the right sense, we have to say that electric current is the rate of flow of electric charges

How is an electric current different from an electric circuit?

An electric current goes through an electric circuit, if it is closed.

Who discovered that magnetic phenomena can be produced by electric effects?

During 1819-20, a science teacher H.C. Oestead discovered that the magnetic field can be produced by an electric current.

Define electric current?

flow of current in an electric circuit.

What is eletric current?

electric current is the flow of electric charge ;)

What is the definition of electric current the the units of electric current?


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