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What are the elements of reality and fantasy?

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Is cinema reality or fantasy?

mainly fantasy with little aspects of exaggerated reality !

What is a fantasy?

fantasy is the opposite of reality it is not true and it is impossible "Fantasy is the gateway to our dreams and children use it to fill up gaps in the reality which they have no explanation for. Fantasy is mostly not possible." -LJTG

What is the difference between reality and fantasy?

situations that are not true are referred to as fantasy . Real life situations are referred to as reality.

Are ufos reality or fantasy?

Neither, their folklore.

What is the antonym for the word fantasy?

The antonym (opposite) of the word fantasy would be reality, or truth.

What is the meaning or definition of science fantasy?

Science fantasy is science fiction that contains elements of fantasy. An example of this would be Star Wars, which contains fantasy elements in the form of the Jedi, the Force, etc.

Does ghosts exist in reality?

Ghosts are really scary but fortunately, they don't exist in reality. They are fantasy.

What actors and actresses appeared in Film Reality and Film Fantasy - 1975?

The cast of Film Reality and Film Fantasy - 1975 includes: Robert Abel as himself

What is withdrawal from reality?

Withdrawal from reality means that you are moving away from reality, you are not in touch with it anymore and you live in your own little fantasy world.

What are the release dates for Film Reality and Film Fantasy - 1975 TV?

Film Reality and Film Fantasy - 1975 TV was released on: USA: 1 June 1975

Did you know the reality of religion is that it is pure fantasy?

No, religion is the fundamental reality out of which the other realities spring up.

Is their any history books written about parmenion?

No, but David Gemmell's Lion of Macedon and Dark Prince are based aroung Parmenion and add fantasy elements to reality. They are excellent books.

What is the elements of fantasy in Harry Potter?

The use of magic, and several fantasy creatures.

Is Harry Potter a sin?

No, as long as you can distinguish fantasy and reality.

What is good about fantasy books?

you are able to mentally escape from reality .

What does the genre fantasy mean?

Fantasy is a book about fiction, fiction means it has elements that are not true.

Does every fantasy book comes with a story?

Yes- to consider a book a fantasy book it must have a story that has fantasy elements in it.

Where do you get REAL magic wands?

You cannot. Magic is not real, it is fantasy, a fiction.Talk to your teacher or parents about the difference between reality and fantasy.

What are the elements of fairy tales?

The elements of fairy tales are exaggeration, foreshadowing, personification, and fantasy.

What is the opposite of reality?

The opposite of reality is fantasy._____________Fantasy describes a dream, which classically pertains to (a) thoughts suspended between: incubation, birth or death. When this thought is realized, it becomes reality.Fantasy describes a possibility.Reality may be a by product of fantasy, and arguably, without fantasy - reality would not come into being.Does reality have a polar opposite?Politics. No, but really... I'm going to take an over-the-top approach. Reality as a system is 'incomplete' in the same sense that arithmetic is 'incomplete'. This means that it is possible to make propositions that contain more information than all of the system's axioms combined. In other words, you can come up with theories or propositions that are unprovable within the confines of the system. I'm suggesting that "the opposite of reality" is such a proposition.We could conclude then that "the opposite of reality" either does not exist, or that there is no way to prove or disprove its existence. Anything that could be said in answer to the question, including the basic responses "unreality" or "fiction", are in fact just part of "reality". To sum up, it's all good.

What are the elements of fantasy?

personification time travel magic

What does it mean to be called down to earth?

It means to be brought back to reality from a fantasy.

What are the central ideas of Inkheart?

Love, hate, unlikely friendship and fantasy vs reality

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