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Rising Sun - A token of a new era in agriculture

Plow - Labor and tillage of the soil

Ear of Corn - Common agrcultural interest

Bust of Washington - Honesty, agricultural leadership, accurtate records

Clasped Hands - Symbol of friendship

American Flag - National scope of the organization

Owl - Knowledge and wisdom

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Q: What are the elements of the emblem and what do they mean ffa?
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The national ffa emblem is made up of how many symbols?

The National FFA Emblem consists of 5 symbols.

Which FFA chapter officer is stationed by the emblem of Washington?


What does the plow represent in the FFA emblem?

The plow represents labor and tillage of the soil.

What are the elements of the FFA emblem and what do they mean?

The FFA emblem consists of the following parts: the cross-section of the ear of corn the eagle the owl the plow the rising sun the words "agricultural education" and FFA

Is the ffa emblem covered by federal copyright law?

Logos are protected by trademark law, which is similar.

What does the rising sun on FFA national emblem represent?

The rising sun represents progress in agriculture or a new day in agriculture.

What does the FFA reporter pin look like?

It is the FFA emblem, similar to a degree pin, but has a charm attached to the bottom that is in the shape of a shield with three stars across the top and vertical lines to symbolize stripes below the stars.

What FFA officers symbol is the Shield of Friendship?

The sentinel. During the official opening ceremonies it states that the sentinel is stationed by the door. "through this door pass many friends of the FFA. It is my duty to see that the door is open..." but the sentinel is also in charge of extending a hand of friendship to everyone. The symbol used for the sentinel is the hand of friendship (two hands shaking) or the shield of friendship.

What does the FFA represents?

The Cross Section of an Ear of Corn serves as the emblem's foundation, just as corn has historically served as a foundation crop in American Agriculture. Corn is also a symbol of unity because it is native to America and grown in every state. The Rising Sun appears in the center of the emblem and symbolizes progress in agriculture and the confidence that FFA Members have in the future. The Plow is the symbol of labor and tillage of the soil, the backbone of agriculture and the historic foundation of our country's strength. The Owlrepresents knowledge and wisdom that is necessary to be successful in the agricultural industry. The Eagle is perched on top of the emblem and serves as a reminder of our freedom and ability to explore new horizons for the future of agriculture. The words "Agricultural Education" surrounding the letters "FFA" indicate that FFA is an important part of the agricultural education program.

What does the word 'EMBLEM' mean?

A name sticker or a design by a person is what an emblem is.

What does Brazil's emblem mean?

emblem mean a thing serving as a symbolic representation of a particular quality or concept

What is the background of the FFA emblem made up of and why?

A cross section of an ear of corn, because it represents a common interest in agriculture (corn is grown in all 50 states)