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What are the ends of a magnet?


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the ends of a magnet are called this south pole and north pole
The ends of a magnet are its poles.
Magnetic Poles
The two ends of a magnet are the North and South poles.
Poles, North & South
magnetic poles......

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The ends of a magnet are called the poles.

The 2 ends of a magnet are called its north & south pole

The opposite ends of a magnet are called poles. All magnets have them.

The ends of a magnet are called the "poles". Magnets have both north and south poles.

In bar magnets, the magnetic poles are at the ends of the bar. You can cut any bar magnet and it will always have poles at the ends no matter how many times it is divided.

Put an Iron piece of metal on the ends of the magnet.

The poles of a magnet are the two ends of the magnet where the charge is different. One side is north; the other is south.

The north and south ends of a magnet are called magnetic north pole and south pole. The ends are named such because of the Earth's North Pole and South Pole.

North and south poles.

The opposite ends of a magnet are called polar and nonpolar. One end attracts and the other repels.... opposite ends of two magnets attract.

At the two points or ends on a magnet, called the north and south poles.

A magnet produces a magnetic field which hast two ends. If you have two magnets and make a mark on the end of one of them, then if you hold that magnet down and take the other magnet, then one end of the other magnet will be attracted to the marked end of the held magnet while the other end will be repelled. If you call the marked end of the held magnet N then the end of the other magnet which is repelled should also be marked N as in magnetism like ends repel one another and opposite ends attract. That is the meaning of the N and S pole of on a magnet.

No it's pretty much the whole magnet. Hope this helps :)

it is a magnet having two poles in their ends. they have a wire like structure in the middle.

they have the most powerful magnetic fields

The field is strongest on the poles of the magnet (the ends of the magnet). More specifically, the 8 corners of the magnet are where the strongest magnetic field will occur. The weakest field occurs in the center of the magnet.

The polarity of both ends of a magnet is different. The positive and negative polarity exist for a magnet.

It depends on the type of magnet. Some magnet manufacturers make a magnet more magnetic at the end. It's just how they're made.

'Magnet' means some material that produces a magnetic field around itself; can be shown by sprinkling iron filings around the magnet; there are poles at the ends of ...

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