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lions tigers hyenas bears and wolves

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Q: What are the enemies of leopards?
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Black leopards enemies?

Black leopards enemies are lions and hyenas. Black leopards enemies are lions and hyenas.

Do snow leopards have enemies?

Snow Leopards do have enemies. It's enemy is a WOLF!

Snow leopards enemies?

their enemies are humans or wolfves! iguess.....

What are the Golden Jackals enemies?

Their enemies are humans, wolves and leopards.

Why do leopards have enemies?

so they can fight it

Who are enemies of snow leopards?

is it a lion

What is a clouded leopards enemies?


Are leopards and hyenas enemies?


What are the enemies of the Anatolian leopard?

The Enemies leopard enemies are people, loins, hyeanes, wild packs of dogs and male leopards because they will eat the baby leopards.

What are the enemies of the olive baboon?

Common enemies of a baboon would be leopards, lions, and hyenas.

What are grevys zebra enemies?

Enemies: Lions, Hyenas, Hunting Dogs, Leopards, and Cheetahs

What enemies are the red pandas?

Snow leopards and martens

What are the enemies of an ostrich?

yes they do like lions and leopards

What are the natural enemies of the snow leopards?

The humans get there fur

What are a jackals enemies?

hawks,eagles,vultures, and leopards

What are snow leopards' enemies?

man no it is not its blue fish

Who are the red panda's enemies?

Two of them are leopards and bears.

Who is the Malayan tapirs enemies?

Crocodiles leopards and ants

What are a snow leopards natural enemies?

Snow leopards are the top of the food chain where it lives so it has none.

Are hyenas a black panthers enemy?

Hyenas and leopards are enemies, true, and competitors. Not just black leopards (which are rare in Africa), but all leopards.

What enemies does a leopard have?

Leopards vs other Animals The enemies of the leopards are crocodiles and the other cats in the family like the lions of tigers. Each have battled for food or land.

What are gorillas' enemies?

Humans mainly but sometime leopards if they can get the young

What are Eastern Lowland Gorillas enemies?


What are wild yaks enemies?

gray wolf and snow leopards

Who are chimpanzees animal enemies?

a chimpanzee enemies are predators such as lions leopards crocadiles large snakes and baboons!!