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Q: What are the essential parts of the typewriter and its functions?
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What are the parts of a typewriter and their functions?

A typewriter has keys for typing words. It has a return for moving the carriage to a new line for typing.

Essential parts of the typewriter?

Are you being serious? Ask yourself the question, what are the essential parts of a typewriter.. You need keys to type words on, you need some way to transfer words onto paper, you need a place to store the ink, you need a reel to move the paper... Or do you know know what is a typewriter?

What are the functions of a root?

The roots are essential parts of a plant. Their major functions include anchorage in soil, storage of energy resources and absorption of water and minerals from the soil.

Two principal parts of a typewriter?

The carriage that holds the paper and moves from right to left, and the keyboard are the two principal parts of a typewriter.

2 major parts of a typewriter?

The carriage that holds the paper and moves from right to left, and the keyboard are the two principal parts of a typewriter.

How do sponges carry out essential body functions?

desribe how sponges carry out essential functions

What are the operative parts of typewriter?

One of the operative parts of a typewriter is the paper mechanism. The paper mechanism helps roll the paper and move it left to write while the user types. The keyboard is also an operative part of the typewriter.

How do you compare typewriter functions with the functions in a word processor?

They are both capable of typing and laying out text. However a word processor can do far more things than a typewriter, so in that way there is no comparison between the two.

Can you perform the essential functions of the job without reasonable accommodations?

can you perform all of the essential functions with or without reasonable accommodations.

What can a Brother typewriter do?

A Brother typewriter could do the lettering on business labels, envelopes, and letters. There are several functions on this. It could type underlined letters, superscripts, subscripts, bold letters, and other characters on the electronic Brother typewriter. This typewriter could also erase mistakes or whole line.

What is the difference between manual typewriter and electronic typewriter?

1.Difference between manual typewriter and electronic typewriter? 2.mention 10 differences between electronic and manual typewriter? 3.explain any ten parts of both electronic typewriter and manual typewriter? 4.Documents used in foreign trade? 5.Concept of ware housing? 6.Transportation and types of transportation?

What are the different parts of the keyboard?

They keyboard has many different functions that provide an easier way to use the computer without a mouse if necessary. The different parts of the keyboard include the function keys, navigation keys, numeric keypad, special keys, typewriter keyboard and the escape key.

What are the two essential parts of the flower?

the two essential parts of a flower is the STAMENS and PISTIL

Essential parts of a good written constitution?

the essential parts of constitution is provent in the philipine cuontry

What are the functions of external parts of goat?

functions of the external parts of a goat

What are the functions for magnesium?

It is essential for sleep

Why are the essential parts of gumamela flowers considered essential?


What are Parts of the mushroom and their functions?

A mushroom has two parts, the mycelium and the fruit. The functions of these parts is to provide food and for the absorption of water.

Parts and meaning of a keyboard?

A computer keyboard serves as a primary tool for accessing and inputting data. It features functions and keys that you might not use regularly but that are still essential to other users.

Why are the elements in blood a good measure of many bodily functions?

Because its essential to every organ to work correctly including keeping us warm, transporting oxygen to various parts.

What is the the meaning of organism?

Organic structure; organization., An organized being; a living body, either vegetable or animal, compozed of different organs or parts with functions which are separate, but mutually dependent, and essential to the life of the individual.

Does a typewriter do the same as a computer?

No. A typewriter only existed to type things. A computer has many more functions - spreadsheets, Internet connectivity, presentation, gaming, communication, sound amplification - than just typing.

Do states throughout the world share some essential parts?

States throughout the world share some essential parts. They are:

What are the reproductive organs of the flower?

Essential Reproductive parts of flower are stamens and carpels while non essential parts are sepals and petals ..

What are the difference between accessory parts and essential parts of a flower?

The nonessential flower parts include the flower stalk, sepals and petals. The essential flower parts are those necessary for reproduction, the stamen and pistil.

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