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Q: What are the example of nanotechnology devices?
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What is the future technology we need to look for?

Many technologies have the potential to greatly influence our future. One example is nanotechnology, the manufacture and use of microscopically small devices. Applications of nanotechnology include communications, medicine, and surveillance.

How nanotechnology is different from other technology?

Nanotechnology refers to the size scale of the items worked with. In the semiconductor industry, the devices fabricated have feature sizes in the nanometer regime. The gate length of a MOS transistor, for example, can be on the order of 10-20nm. In nanotechnology for the semiconductor industry, quantum physics starts to play a huge role in the devices. This must be taken into account when shrinking down size scales, but can also be exploited for some really neat devices and engineering techniques.

What will come from nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology will not only expand our already impressive scientific field, but also help develop new ideas and devices.

Is the science revolving around building devices on an extremely small scale?

The science revolving around building devices on an extremely small scale is called Nanotechnology.

What is the science revolving around building devices on an extremely small scale?

Nanotechnology is the science revolving around building devices on an extremely small scale. Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale.

What is the study of very small computing devices built at the molecular level?


Is nanotechnology a threat to civilization?

A controversial issue. Titanium dioxide, for example, is often used in nanotechnology work, and organic degradation is not possible.

What are some new accomplishments regarding nanotechnology?

There are various accomplishments involving nanotechnology. One such accomplishment is in the healthy industry helping surgeons. Another such accomplishment is to allow tracking devices into the smallest of items.

What are the most popular vehicle tracking device companies out there?

NanoTec, which is short for nanotechnology, is a very popular company that produces vehicle tracking devices. LiveWire is another popular company that produces vehicle tracking devices or, GPS devices.

What is the nanotecnology?

Nanotechnology is the science of manipulating materials on an atomic or molecular scale especially to build microscopic devices. First introduced in 1974.

How is nanotechnology used?

Nanotechnology is currently a wide field of research and applications in fields ranging from biology to semiconductor fabrication. An example in biology is the design and fabrication of extremely small and sensitive chemical sensors. An example in semiconductors is the lithographic creation of IC chips.

What are some example of heating devices?

the example of heating devices are bunsen burner and alcohol burner .