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the examples of carnivores are mountain lion,lion,tigers,shark,fox,owl,and hawk and eagle

An organism that prey on other organisms for food. Ex. Lions, fox, leopard, tiger, eagle etc.

An example for a carnivore would be anything that only eats meat.

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Q: What are the examples of carnivores?
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What are some examples of carnivores in the Amazon rainforest?

Some examples of carnivores in the Amazon rainforest is pecon, and the panda

What are some examples or carnivores?

Some examples of carnivores are cats, hyenas, and seals. Ofcourse there are may more in the world!

What are 2 carnivores?

Two examples of carnivores would be lions and snakes.

10 examples of carnivores?

Examples of carnivores include tigers, lions, crocodiles, and dogs. Carnivores are meat-eating animals. They get food either through predation or scavenging.

List some carnivores?

Carnivores eat meat, so lions, tigers, hawks, foxes, wolverines, wolves are examples of carnivores.

Give 5 examples of carnivores?


What are some examples of carnivores?

Lions,Tigers and Snakes.

More examples of carnivores?

cheetah, lions, tigers,

What are three examples or carnivores?

A tiger, a snake, a wolf.

What are some examples of carnivores on a farm?

dogs or cats

What are some examples of herbivores carnivores and omnivores?

Deer are herbivores. Lions are Carnivores. Homo Sapiens (Man) are omnivores.

What are 4 examples of carnivores?

lion tiger puma and shark

What are some some examples of carnivores?

tigers and lions and snakes

What are 2 carnivores in the ocean?

Dolphins and sharks are good examples

What are examples of carnivores?

A carnivore is any species that consumes meat. Some examples could be: Lions, sharks, bears, cheetahs, vultures ect. All predators in the animal kindgom will be carnivores.Sharks!

Where are some pictures of carnivores?

An eagle, tiger, lion, alligator, anteater, bears, foxes, pecans, and birds are all examples of carnivores.

What are three examples of carnivores?

generally animals which eat only flesh are called carnivores animals. examples:lions,tigers and cheetahs etc

Examples of birds of prey?

Eagle, Hawk, Owls. Birds that are carnivores

What are some examples of carnivores in the rain forest?

Tigers, pumas, snakes.

What are some examples of meat that carnivores eat?

meat that grows on trees

What are examples of non-mammal carnivores?


What are some non examples of carnivores?

Heres one mountain lions

What are not examples of carnivores?


What is the meaning of carnivores?

A carnivore eats meat - lions and tigers are two examples.

What are wolves and polar bears examples of?

Wolves and polar bears are both examples of top carnivores in the coniferous forest and/or tundra ecosystems.