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Some examples of melting are: candle wax dripping when candles are burning, ice cream melting in summer, snow melting in spring, and icicles dripping.

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Q: What are the examples of melting?
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Examples of melting point?

Some_of_the_examples_in_melting_are_the_following:">Some of the examples in melting are the following:ice cream from solid cream to liquid watermelting of icemelting of candlemelting of butter

What are examples of reversible changes?

Some examples of a reversible change are:Melting butterMelting iceFreezing ice-cream

What are melting evaporation and sublimation are examples of?

These are examples of phase/state changes.

Examples of a physical change?

melting a popsicle, crushing an aluminum can, melting butter, etc.

Can you give me some examples about chemical changes and physical changes?

Examples of chemical changes: * Burning of paper * Rusting of iron Examples of physical reactions: * Melting of ice * Melting of wax

What are non examples for melting point?


What are examples of melting ice and dissolving salt in water?

Ice melting in a glass, salt in the ocean

What are examples of a solid to a liquid?

Ice or butter melting

Two examples of melting?

ice to water,metal

Give examples of melting point?

When ice is in a warm temperature it is at the melting point in which it melts from a solid to a liquid.

Three examples of physical change?

Three examples of physical change are melting, tearing and boiling.

What are some examples of reversible changes?

Some are...melting icecandle burningstretching rubber bandmelting of waxdry and wet clothesmelting of chocolatesmelting of ice lollies !!!

What are examples of a solid turning into gas?

Ice melting and evaporating.

Give two examples of a physical change?

melting or cutting

What examples of the water changing from a solid to a liquid?

ice melting

Examples of Endothermic?

A few examples of Endothermic reactions are cooking and egg, melting ice cream, and boiling water.

Can you give examples of solids turning into liquids?

Melting ice. Glowing or welding metal. Melting fat (baking). Blowing glas.

Give 5 examples of a reversible change?

Melting wax Melting ice freazing water Evaporating the water Cooling the steam

Examples of physical changes?

dissolving, melting, freezing, sublimating etc...

What are four examples of physical change?

Melting, Crushing, Mixing and Burning :)

What are some examples of metals with high melting points?

Tungsten and Titanium

What are 2 examples of a physical change?

freezing and melting are physical changes

Four examples of physical change?


What are two examples of physical properties?

melting point and boiling point.

Why are boiling and melting examples of physical changes?

Boiling and melting are examples of physical changes because when you boil water, it's still water. When you melt chocolate, it's still chocolate. Therefore they have not chemically changed.