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What are the examples of the uses of integers?

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adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing

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what are some examples of subtracting integers

letters are examples of non integers.

There are no integers which are irrational.

There are several different ways that you can use integers in everyday situations. For example you can use integers in the Winter, you use them with the temperature.

You cannot. There are uses for them which are still undiscovered.

1/2 is NOT an integer, 1/3 and the number Pi are not integers either.

Any integer will do as an example.

Here are some examples of where we use integers in real life:-To keep track of inventory in a supermarketCounting how many pages are in a bookNumbering collections of objectsA clock uses integersIn recipes you use integers to find out how much of one ingredient is used in a recipes. For example 2 eggs, 1tsp of vanilla essence and 1tsp of water.

The examples show that, to find the of two integers with unlike signs first find the absolute value of each integers.

I'm thinking that a stock marketer uses integers to symbolize if a stock has gone up or down.

Every mathematician uses/used integers. It is one of the most important number sets.

Any number that is not a whole number. ie 1/3 5 5/7 1.22584 999.1

Opposite integers have the same magnitudes, but different signs. Examples of an opposite integers: 10 and -10, -298 and 298.

Non-integers are fractions, decimal numbers, and irrational numbers. Integers are positive and negative whole numbers.

yes all whole numbers are integersexamples of non integers would be numbers with a decimal or fraction

The positive integers less than 100 are a finite set. The positive integers greater than 100 are an infinite set.

Integers are all the whole numbers and their opposites. These are called the positive integers, negative integers and zero. Examples: -6, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

You can use them for counting, which is in fact addition. You can also use them for subtracion. Integers are natural numbers. This means you don't use decimals or fractions.

a2x2 + 2abx + b2 where a and b are any integers.

Natural numbers are positive integers, also known as counting numbers. Some examples are 3, 4, 4359.

The price of something,The Weight, the size of things etc.And this can be some of the examples:[(-6)+(7)](4)(-6)these are examples of decimals

Mostly every job out there.... I probly cant name one job that doesn't use integers. But probably a mathematician or a teacher i would say

Integers are any numbers, when simplified completely, have no decimal or fraction. Examples: 5, 0, 1, -3, 56/8 (56/8 simplifies to 7)

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