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Q: What are the factors present effective delegation?
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What are the factors that can hinder effective delegation in an organization?

political insatabilities in the given environment say like in Gulu in Uganda. People were fearing for their lives hence less impact of the managers in the different organizations

Name three factors that contribute to effective listening?

Three factors that contribute to effective listening are being present in the moment, demonstrating empathy and understanding, and asking clarifying questions to ensure comprehension.

What are the factors affecting Delegation?

Factors affecting delegationsize of organizationimportance of the duty or decisiontask complexityorganizational culturequalities of subordinates

What position did the German delegation leader present?

The German delegation leader represented the bitter opposition.

What are the factors of effective supervision?

what are the factors contributing for effective supervisory practice

What are the advantages of delegation to an organization?

One of the key advantages or delegation is a work team is that it empowers the person who is the receiver of the delegation. One of the key disadvantages is a loss of control regarding the quality of the project.

Cite Obstacles to effective delegation?

what are the obstacles in effective delegationUnfamiliarity with the art of delegationreluctance to delegateattitude towards subordinatefear for subordinatenot willing to assume responsibilities by the subordinatelack self confidencelack of incentiveslack of resources

Barriers to effective delegation?

Delegation can be a successful method of accomplishment for many types of tasks. However, there are common barriers that can prevent successful delegation. Some of these common barriers include a lack of record keeping, insufficient definition of the task to be accomplished, micromanagement, improper choices, and the unwillingness to hand over a specific task or responsibility.

What is A delegation of authority?

A delegation of authority:

What is delegation in management?

Effective Delegation is often one of the hardest skills for a manager to master. However, the skill can be learned. A key aspect of leadership is delegation. Unless you delegate tasks to your subordinates, your team will become inefficient and demoralized, and delegation is needed for the proper functionality of the organization. Delegation is also a way to take some workload off of the superior for the fact that he cannot handle all the organizations task's on his own. Using formal authority and responsibility thereof, delegation is an assignment to another person. Delegation of authority has very little debate over it, but it should definitely be delegated, this is the basis of the scalar principle, which is the level of authority on a scale from the highest to lowest level in the organization.

FACTORS on how to make group communication and decision making effective?

factors that make group communication and decision-making effective?

Ics 200 delegation of authority?

a delegation of authority: