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Acceleration of an object is caused by the application of a force to it. Heavier objects take more force to accelerate them.

Acceleration is measured by how many metres per second of speed is added every second, so it's in metres/second/second or metres per second2.

The force is related to the mass and acceleration by Newton's second law:

Force = mass x acceleration.

In this equation metric units can be used, with the force measured in Newtons, the mass in kilograms and the acceleration in metres/second2.

A 1-kg mass falling under gravity accelerates at 9.806 metres/second2 . This means that the gravity force, or weight, on a 1-kg mass is 9.806 Newtons.

Metric units don't have to be used, any other set of dynamical units can be used, for example mass can be in pounds, the force in poundals and the acceleration in ft/sec2. The weight of a 1-pound mass is 32.2 poundals.

If force is measured in pounds instead, the dynamical unit for mass is then the slug, and a 1-slug mass is a mass of 32.2 pounds.

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Q: What are the factors that cause acceleration?
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